Wapa di Ume’s Restaurant Refurbishment

Wapa’s Restaurant at Wapa di Ume in Ubud is undergoing refurbishment that includes general cleaning, re-painting and redesigning of its interior and exterior. The work is scheduled to finish by the end of November 2015. During this period the restaurant is closed. In its place the Wapa Lounge is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The cooking lesson at Paon Bali and the rooms are not affected by the ongoing work. The two-level Wapa’s Restaurant is in the main building at the entrance to the resort. It has 70 seats and offers commanding views over the countryside, and a vantage point to watch the breath-taking sunset. The menu offers a combination of Balinese specialties, and western dishes. It serves afternoon tea on the upper level.

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About Wapa Restaurant

The two levels restaurant is in the main building at the entrance to the resort. It has 70 seats and gives you commanding view over the countryside, and a unequalled vantage point to watch the brilliant color of the setting sun.

The menu offers you a combination of wonderful Balinese specialties, and more familiar western dishes. Enjoy your afternoon tea at the upper level of the restaurant with the floor sitting of “lesehan”  These facility additions extend to the provision of a new restaurant, offering the same fascinating mix of Western and Balinese dishes as its original counterpart. This fusion of east meets west even extends to the dining arena, with traditional Balinese Lesehan floor seating or standard table and chairs.

The signature dish is a Bebek Goreng Di Ume – Balinese Deep-fried crispy duck, served with mix vegetables, ‟lawar‟rice and authentic Balinese sambals. Alternatively there‟s a classic steak menu and a variety of western dishes with a unique twist. A variety of tempting Balinese style desserts complete the menu, while everything is served with a view that completes a delectable dining experience.

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Wapa di Ume

Wapa di Ume is a wonderfully peaceful small resort, settled in the rice paddies just far enough out of town to be restful, but close enough that a short trip to town is not a nuisance. From the Lanai Room to Di Ume Suite with decking that stretches over the agricultural panorama, to stunning villas with private pools overlooking the natural beauty, this is an oasis of calm in a serene setting. Rooms are beautifully appointed, the service is impeccable and the views are outstanding.

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The existing 18 units is carefully constructed around the rice fields that provide such an epic backdrop have been augmented with 15 new units extension built on the opposite bank of an idyllic river. The extension brings more of the rustically designed and natural-feeling room, featuring sunken baths, to a delectable choice of villas with private pools.

Every facet of Wapa di Ume oozes sophistication, with top-class facilities and fittings, exceptional service as standard and a host of added extras, including yoga lessons, rice fields walking tours, open air theatre and Balinese cooking lessons.

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