Wayag Islands, West Papua

Raja Ampat has all the requirements to become the world’s best destinations. Small islands and underwater beauty tempting. Essence of the beauty of Raja Ampat, Indonesia located in Wayag Islands.

Wayag Island (Pulau Waigeo) is one of the famed ‘Four Kings’ of the Raja Ampat achipelago of Eastern Indonesia. The island has a lagoon of white sand beaches and a magical maze of limestone karst gumdrop’ islands. The islands are adorned with thousands of pitcher plants and colourful orchids. For the more energetic you can climb Pindito Peak where the reward is breathtaking views over the island and its spectacular lagoon. It’s mainly liveaboards that dive here, but Wayag also attracts nondivers for its scenery, snorkelling and the challenge of scaling its highest peak, Pindito.

The sea is a mixing pot of colours you might have never seen before, vast schools of fish fill the sea under the boat and Wayag, a collection of jungle-covered islets rises up out of the water, fringed by white sand beaches and guarded by black tip reef sharks.  No one lives on Wayag, it’s a designated conservation area, and it’s staffed by 5 or 6 locals from Saweo who patrol it to stop illegal fishing. The area is a potential gold mine for shark finners and long liners. You will spend the rest of the day underwater; free diving the endless miles of reef that fill the sea between these islands.

Wayag islands situated in the village of West Waigeo, Raja Ampat regency, West Papua. Of Sorong, the journey takes up to 6 hours by hiring a clod.  There is one place you must visit while in Wayag Islands, the Coral Island. Not underwater beauty, but you have to climb to the top of the island. With a slope close to 90 degrees, you will spend about 30 minutes to arrive at its peak. Stamina and physical strength is needed.

Coral islands and ocean blue eyes would look through your view. Common sight you see on the internet or television, there is now in sight, even as the palm of your hand. From the top, coral islands charm dominates the surrounding seas.

What to do:

Snorkeling is already a great option, and coral near the shores has a spectacular vision. But those who enjoy the underwater world cannot get out of there without diving cylinder.

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