Four Seasons Resorts Bali Launches Cancer Care Massage Service

World Cancer Day, which falls every February 4, has long been regarded as a reminder of the need for collective action. Four Seasons Bali, in particular, has taken the occasion to launch an initative aimed at correcting misguided beliefs that prevent cancers survivors from enjoying the holistic benefits of massages.

Following intensive training with certified specialist Christine Cline, Four Seasons Resorts Bali has launched a groundbreaking Cancer Care Massage at its two spas; the all-new Healing Village Spa at Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay, and Sacred River Spa at Four Seasons Sayan in the foothills of Ubud.

In a first for Indonesia, a dozen therapists from both spas completed training along with Regional Spa Director Luisa Anderson, who is a former oncology nurse who has seen first-hand the side effects of cancer treatments, and how massage can improve quality of life. The therapists were paired with women living with breast cancer known as ‘Bali Pink Fighters’, a support group of the Bali Pink Ribbon Foundation. The Pink Fighters participated in massage trial for the hands-on part of the two-week training, and shared their personal stories.

“It was a very emotional training,” said Luisa, who is based at Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran Bay. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. The therapists were so touched by their connection with the ladies from Bali Pink Ribbon Foundation, and the participants were grateful to be touched both physically and emotionally through massage – something the rest of us take for granted, but which they haven’t had access to until now.”

Luisa says many spas do not offer massage to cancer survivors and guests in active treatment or with a history of cancer as there is a misconception that massage can spread the disease. “In fact, massage can have a huge impact on treating the side effects of cancer treatment and improving quality of life – as long as there are appropriate training and protocols in place,” Luisa continues, “Massage has been clinically proven to improve immune function, reduce pain and enhance sleep.”

The Four Seasons training followed the Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care, recognised as the national standard in the UK and Ireland for spas, salons and therapists. Available as a 60-minute or 90-minute experience, the Cancer Care Massage uses bespoke oils to soothe dry or radiation-irritated skin, release scar tissue and provide lymph support.Talk to one of our Travel Specialists for further details

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