Yogyakarta to invite tourists on cycling tours through kampungs

The Nol Kilometer area at the south end Malioboro Street is a landmark of Yogyakarta. A new cycling package offers tourists a ride past city landmarks as well as through kampungs, all while interacting with the friendly locals.

Responding to the growing popularity of cycling together, which has become a trend during the pandemic, the Yogyakarta city administration is offering bike tours around town as a tourist attraction.

Courtesy image: @discoveryourindonesia

According to Yogyakarta Deputy Mayor Heroe Poerwadi, the administration is currently testing a number of routes outside the city to encourage cyclists to ride off the main roads and instead enjoy a closeup look at the unique life of Yogyakarta kampungs.

“These kampung roads can be alternative routes for the cyclists,” Heroe said as quoted by tempo.co.

The potential routes would have cyclists traverse the kampungs of Terban, Sagan, Iromejan and Klitren and then go around the artificial lake Embung Langensari and the Balai Yasa train workshop in Gondokusuman district. 

Heroe said the cycling tourists could expect to enjoy the friendliness of the residents and homemade food while sightseeing as they follow the many rivers that flow through the city.

Since July, tourists from Central Java regencies and cities like Kebumen, Magelang, Semarang, Purworejo and Cilacap have started to arrive in Yogyakarta in big buses for weekend retreats.

The tourists would carry their bicycles on the bus and start to cycle from the bus parking lot to the city center and around, usually stopping off by at the famous Malioboro Street for eating, shopping and sightseeing.

This trend of cycling tourists from outside the city is considered a good opportunity to boost Yogyakarta tourism after it was badly hurt by the pandemic. 
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