Yachting through Komodo National Park & Raja Ampat onboard Rascal,

We are delighted to introduce a new dynamic adventure to the Top Indonesia experience. Top Indonesia has partnered with Rascal Voyages to extend our luxury guest experience onto the waters of the Indonesian archipelago to Komodo National Park & Raja Ampat in 2019 & 2020.

The beauty of each custom journey is precisely that—it’s calibrated to the desire of guests. Itineraries can be as lazy or action-packed as you want, though given the gorgeous, untouched natural surroundings, we recommend taking the opportunity to unwind and soak in the breathtaking environment.

About Rascal Voyages

Rascal is a newly built, 31-metre handcrafted, Indonesian phinisi cruiser – a true combination of east meets west. Join this cutting-edge, private charter super yacht on an unforgettable journey around Komodo National Park or Raja Ampat Archipelago.

Rascal has the lines of a phinisi but amenities designed for 21st-century fun. The white walls, high ceilings and raw, unfinished timber floorboards really give Rascal’s rooms that bright, beach-house feel. The five cabins each have an ensuite, wi-fi audio systems, and the ambience of a tropical villa.

The boat dispenses with the twin masts typical of phinisis, creating breezy, open communal areas. By day the top deck doubles as a sunbathing space and diving platform; at night it becomes a starlit cinema. Guests lounge on rattan deckchairs in front of the bridge – the best views in the house – or on beanbags on the master cabin’s terrace.

Rascal can navigate anywhere in Indonesian waters and around its 17,500 islands, though the yacht largely divides its time between Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat. Guests might find themselves snorkelling with manta rays at Makassar Reef or kayaking around the mangrove forests of Yanggefo. Or embarking on unscripted adventures not yet captured on Instagram – itineraries are devised in tandem with guests, allowing maximum flexibility. There’s only one restriction, as the yacht’s motto indicates: “If coconuts don’t grow there, we don’t go there.”

Komodo Islands

Not just notable as the habitat of the Komodo dragon, this island is part of the National Park named after it and renowned for its dramatic terrain where hillsides transition from emerald to a volcanic red through the year. To the east of Komodo, lies Flores, an island christened by Portuguese colonists and home to areas where few tourists have ventured.

Ideal to explore by chartered vessel, Komodo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a good reason and seasoned travellers will love deviating from the more obvious choices of Bali or Java and perhaps twinning these two islands in an adventure to experience authenticity, dolphins, dragons and brightly coloured reefs and their inhabitants. Imagine river canyons, turquoise lakes in the craters of conical volcanoes, winding roads, forests and small thatched villages, this is Flores. More to do with its beauty than flora, from the island there is easy access Komodo National Park and exceptional diving hotspots.

Most of all though, you’ll just want to gaze at the heart-achingly beautiful sea and islands peppered in it. And who could blame you—isn’t that the point of being on a boat?

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