9 Nights Sailing Alor Komodo with luxury ZEN Phinisi Charter

  • Port of delivery / Port of re delivery Alor / Labuan Bajo
  • Cruising area Nusa Tenggara Timur (Alor) – Maumere – Komodo

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Go on a journey in time and let your dreams navigate the waves of a liquid paradise aboard The ZEN Yacht Charter, an Indonesia yacht charter, luxury Phinisi charter. A combination of sentimental beauty and Indonesian maritime tradition with visionary technology and astonishing interior design brought to existence a breathtaking yacht, which introduces a new dimension into the art of sailing.

As one of Indonesia Yacht Charters fleet, the Zen Phinisi charter is best placed to explore this largest archipelago of the world in sheer luxury, which makes cruising the tropical waters a state-of-the-art adventure.

Sail the shining blue seas on this magnificent ship in adventurous luxury and let it be a life changing journey. This itinerary simply combines the best of everything in Eastern Indonesia: world class diving and snorkeling, serious fishing, visiting isolated villages, exploring mighty volcanoes and enjoying pristine beaches.

You will venture off the beaten track – not too many people explore this region and its hidden treasures. The biggest highlights of this trip certainly are seeing the famous “Komodo dragons” in Komodo National Park, climbing Kelimutu, the Holy Mountain of Flores with three colored lakes on top, and visiting the village of Lamalera, which possesses one of the last peoples in the world who dare hunt whales armed only with wooden spears. You’ll have 10 days of luxury aboard the “Zen” providing you an adventure of a lifetime.

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Day 1

Arrive in Alor and transfer to the town’s harbor. Here the adventure begins! Welcome on board the “Zen” – a luxury, wooden sailboat that for next 6 days will become your home. We’re going to make sure that you’ll feel right at home and set sails. . This is going to be our first diving/snorkeling spot and later in the evening, dinner will be served on the main deck so you can enjoy it under the stars.

Day 2

Exploring Pantar Island. Pantar Strait Marine Park is one of the most beautiful in the country and comparable only with that of the Caribbean Sea near Central America. This Marine Park has its own unique characteristics and beauty. This strait is located between Alor and Pantar islands in the Alor Archipelago, East Nusa Tenggara.

Day 3

Visiting Iliape Village, the perfect place to hide for juvenile fishes that can be seen in huge numbers here. We’ll spend all day beachcombing and snorkeling in this region with its innumerable passages and as the sun sets, we will experience local dance show.

Day 4

Be advised that the itinerary above may be subject to modifications due to weather conditions, delays in processing harbor clearances or changes of scheduled flights. The cruise director or the Zen’s captain may adjust the itinerary in best interest of its passengers as well.

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Day 5

Discovering Lembata Island with the village of the Lamalera where the legendary whale hunters live. There is only one place like this in the world and here you will have the unique opportunity to observe the people of the Lamalera while they hunt for whales. The island dwellers are the perfect hunters using traditional hunting methods and tools that have not changed for generations. It is one of few tribes that are officially allowed to hunt cetaceans, sharks, and mantas.

Day 6

We’ll be spending our time today in Maumere Bay enjoying some diving/snorkeling or fishing. There is a small village on the coast and a mysterious crater to be explored. Alternatively – just grab your book, put your sunglasses on and enjoy your laziness! It’s a holiday after all.

Day 7

Disembark the Zen in Rope for a day-long trip to one of the biggest highlights of Indonesia – the famous three colored lakes on top of magnificent Mt. Kelimutu. It will take approximately three hours to drive through the Flores’ interior until we reach a place where we can start climbing the summit. The view from the top of Kelimutu is truly breathtaking – you will not only see the famous lakes but also a panorama of the entire eastern part of Flores. Later on we drive down to the village of Moni to have lunch in a local restaurant. In the afternoon we continue our trip to the traditional villages of Golowaru and Sikka, where houses, megalithic monuments and graves are sometimes hundreds of years old. We’ll return back to the Zen in the evening for dinner.

Day 8

Wake up in another amazing place – the small volcanic island of Paloe. Here is an unreal village built just on the slope of the volcano, as if the smoking crater above was no threat at all, and make a visit to see the traditional way of making ikat – a unique fabric that can be seen only in this region of Indonesia. There is also a pretty interesting system of bamboo pipes constructed by villagers to collect hot water from the top of the mountain. After lunch is served on board the Zen, we spend our lovely afternoon snorkeling and diving in the crystal clear waters of the small and quiet island of Paloe.

Day 9

Explore the area of the small archipelago of Riung. Here you can explore these coral islands that offer pristine beaches and amazing diving/snorkeling sites. During a short trek around the island, we will have a great view towards Flores as well. After lunch we’ll visit an isolated village on the mainland and learn about the culture and everyday life of its people. There is an interesting cave nearby where at dusk you can see an impressive spectacle of millions of bats taking off for a night hunt. After dinner we will set our sails for Paloe.

zen phinisi

Day 10

Arrive in Labuan Bajo . It’s time to say farewell to the Zen’s crew and put your feet back on steady ground. We will transfer you to the airport where you can catch your flight back to Bali or another destination.

Be advised that the itinerary above may be subject to modifications due to weather conditions, delays in processing harbor clearances or changes of scheduled flights. The cruise director or the Zen’s captain may adjust the itinerary in best interest of its passengers as well.

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