Southeast Asia Largest Starbucks in Bali, Indonesia

From valet parking to a concierge desk — where customers are escorted to the main door — this new Starbucks Reserve on the island of Bali, Indonesia feels more like a luxury hotel rather than a coffee shop.

Officially known as the Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary, it is the largest Starbucks in Southeast Asia and brings the Starbucks Reserve experience to a new level. A Starbucks Reserve is a higher-end version of its traditional coffee stores. The branch takes after Bali’s colloquial title, namely Starbucks Reserve “Dewata”, a term that means “god” in the Hindu-majority island locally dubbed Pulau Dewata (Island of the Gods).

Interactive coffee journeys

Newly opened in January, Dewata goes beyond being a regular Starbucks hub, even with its upscale Reserve bar, as the store has been designed to become a coffee sanctuary that offers an in-depth look into the coffee-making process.

The store itself is a tribute to Indonesia – the fourth largest Arabica coffee-growing region in the world – as Sumatran coffee has been a staple offering at Starbucks since 1971. The 20,000 square feet outlet has an awe-inspiring design that highlights the finest local Indonesian craftsmanship and culture in its expansive free-flowing space. Visitors can gaze upon an intricate two-story mural in the courtyard that depicts the hardworking local farmers who expertly nurtures all the coffee beans that goes into your favourite morning pick-me-upper. Serving a unique sensory experience, visitors are treated to an interactive tour on the origin of Sumatran Arabica coffee beans.

The store includes a nursery, greenhouse and outdoor area where customers can rake coffee beans. It also features digital screens which run interviews with some of its coffee farmers in the region.

Starbucks Reserve Dewata also offers multiple classes each day where customers can pay to learn more about coffee.

World’s only coffee farm inside Starbucks

The first thing customers see upon arrival is a 1,000 square foot coffee farm — which represents the equivalent size of a typical Indonesian coffee farm. The Bali store ultimately hopes to pay homage to one of its largest coffee regions, Keller said.The entire project is yet to be completed. When finished, it will have its own conference facilities, plus a separate restaurant with its own menu. Live bands will perform at the open patio area.

Visitors will then head on to a de-pulping station to get a hands-on experience at washing, drying, and raking coffee beans. Just as the local coffee farmers do! The second floor boasts an open-aired concept seedling nursery where visitors can learn about the first stages of the seed-to-cup journey and the art of tending to coffee plants from a local Balinese farmer.

The Dewata Coffee Sanctuary serves up more than 100 beverages, food, and merchandise that’s exclusively available at this outlet. Highlighting the finest of local art and curating you a one-of-a-kind coffee experience, this Starbucks outlet should definitely be on your bucketlist for your next visit to Bali.

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