Bali’s Signature Tidbits You All might Missed Right Now

Besides natural beauty and fascinating culture, Bali is also known for its tantalizing cuisine; traditional and classic alike. So if food becomes one of your main reason to miss Bali, here we have listed some of the best snacks that local tourist crave for and usually bring as gift for your beloved back home; from chocolate to pork skin crackers (!). Check them out as you plan on your next island holiday!

1.POD Chocolate

Founded by Toby Garritt in 2013 based on his curiosity about why chocolate wasn’t made where it’s grown, POD has expanded from a boutique, small-sized couverture chocolate artisan into a large scale factory. Considered as a pioneer on its field, POD features the world’s first fully plant-based chocolate factory producing a complete range of dark, non-dairy milk and white chocolate on modern European machinery at their factory in Bali. Started in an old, thatched hut in the shadows of the Balinese forest (cheekily named the ‘smurf house’), it has now become a symbol of both decadent indulgence and rural sustainability. Today, Pod’s Factory is open to visitors and can be delivered anywhere in Indonesia via Tokopedia.

2. Pia Barong

Dubbed as one of the best dry cakes variant in Bali, Pia Barong is a household brand familiar for locals and tourists alike. The crumbly Chinese’style pastry filled with thick sweet sauce of different types inside; from chocolate, cheese to green beans. Try to resist the temptation of finishing a box yourself before you bring them home!

4. Kintamani Coffee

Comes from an area located in Northern highland of Bali, Kintamani Coffee is a 100% Arabica single-origin specialty coffee with incredibly smooth full-bodied taste; fruity, chocolate-y and subtle hints of other familiar flavor; including brown sugar and caramel. You can buy this amazing indigenous product, very properly packed and available in powder shape, so you can brew yourself and drink back home. Very recommended souvenir to remind you the natural beauty of Bali.

5. Salak Bali (Snakefruit)

Just a bit of botanical trivia: Salak Bali (Salacca zalacca var. amboinensis) is a snake fruit cultivar that grows and cultivated in–as the name implies, Bali island. Unlike its Javanese variant, Salak Bali is the only monoecious snake fruit plant in the world. This superiority makes Salak Bali cultivation a lot easier than the other snake fruit cultivars. There are over 15 different types of Salak Bali, so make sure you savor it on your next holiday; especially if you haven’t got any chance to try it beforehand!

6. Djamoekoe Herbal Drink

Indonesia is well-known for its herbal concoction and natural healing method, and in Bali, you can find one of the best healthy drinks through DJAMOEKOE. Packed in bottles with colorful labels, the kombucha and ‘jamu’ (Indonesian traditional herbal drink) will steals your attention right away; with variants of catchy names of product ranging from Coco Loe, Coco Detox, Mr. Turbo, to Turmeric Acid. All of them will help you feel better in both mind and body. Bring a couple bottles home to overcome your post-Bali blues or fascinate your family and friends. Drink, stay healthy and sober!

7. Disco Nuts (Kacang Disco)

Peanut is a common snacks anywhere in the world, but nothing quite like ‘Disco Nuts’.  These much-loved Balinese signature peanuts are wrapped in dough and spices before they are allowed to have a ‘rave party’ in the frying pan (and later, in your mouth). They come in all sorts of flavors from spicy chili to barbecue to cheese and chicken. You can find this delightful goodness for yourself or bring back as gift in souvenir shops all around the island.

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