Nglanggeran Cultural Village in Yogyakarta

At 700 meters above sea level, the peak of Mount Purba, a volcano in Nglanggeran, a so-called tourist village in Gunungkidul, south of Yogyakarta, offers the perfect spot for sunrise and sunset hunters.

The Nglanggeran Tourism Village received an Award from the ASEAN Community Based Tourism (CBT) Awards in January 2017. Since then, many tourists and organizations from across the globe have flocked here to see what all the hype is about. Here is where our wanderlust takes us on a journey of revelations and new insights into other cultures and traditions.

Nglanggeran itself is also a good option to escape increasingly busy Yogyakarta and indulge in outdoor and cultural adventures. First stop? Gunung Api Purba Nglanggeran, or the Api Purba Volcano. The 1.5 to 2 hour climb is extremely worth it once you reach the top of this volcano. Here is where you take a deep refreshing breath of fresh air and admire the view from above. Located 700 meters above sea level, the dazzling view is like no other. Visitors to the village have the option to stay with the locals or pitch up a tent at designated camping area at the foot of the mountain before going on outbound adventures, climbing, rafting, tracking and hunt for the perfect sunrise and sunset.

If you spend more than a few days in the village, you can learn how to plant rice, plow rice fields, practice cocoa farming and learn how to make handcrafts.this village offers its visitors a glimpse of how the locals tend to their chocolate gardens. They also produce their own rice. Here is where you can observe all the steps to farm for rice until harvest and then cook your own meal. As for sweet tooths, this is also where you can not only see how people grow cacao seeds, but also create some delicious chocolate treats.

If you’re more into culture, then Nglanggeran is also the perfect place to learn traditional performances with local troupes. For culture enthusiasts, the village is rich in Javanese culture and people will not hesitate to teach tourists, especially foreigners who have no inkling about Javanese culture, how the inhabitants uphold their traditions and rituals. You will be taught unggah-ungguh, or local manners, on how to greet others, communicate gestures and many other things. The way Javanese treat and communicate with their elders is different from how they treat and communicate with those of the same age or younger. Here, you will also be able to learn to play the karawitan, a set of musical instruments that produce dreamy and enchanting traditional music.

If you crave for some more action, you can also learn about Jatilan, also known as Kuda Lumping. This is a traditional magical dance often performed by the locals using horses woven from bamboo known as kepang. In the days of old, aside from entertaining locals, this traditional dance was performed to lift the spirits of the people to fight against invaders. The villagers here will not only give you a chance to see this hypnotizing performance, but will also give you the opportunity to be involved in preparing for the performance, starting from the costumes to the music.

Getting there

The village is located around 20 km from the Wonosari District and around 25 km from Yogyakarta.

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