Mana Earthly Paradise Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Mana Earthly Paradise, or simply Mana, is a next-generation eco-hotel run by an NGO, Earth Company. Mana is progressively eco- and socio-conscious with its earthbag villas, probiotic restaurant, and conscious store. This eco-hotel believes that tourism does not need to negatively contribute to social and environmental issues. Through sustainable practices and innovative eco-technologies, Mana aims to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Located in a peaceful outskirt of Ubud, Bali, Mana Earthly Paradise is a ‘next generation’ eco-resort founded and operated by Earth Company, a Bali-and-Japan-based NGO committed to empowering and inspiring change-makers across Asia Pacific to realise social change.

Believing that tourism needs not and should not create negative social and environmental impact, Mana Earthly Paradise employs a variety of innovative eco-technologies and sustainable practices to demonstrate how hospitality businesses of the future ought to be while being mindful of the cultural context of Bali.

The buildings at the charming eco-resort combine elements of traditional architecture with minimalism. The six eco-villas are built with earth bags that are not only durable and eco-friendly, but also help keep the interiors cool even under tropical sunshine, eliminating completely the need for air-conditioning.

All buildings are furnished with recycled or sustainably-sourced wood, bamboo, locally crafted furniture and natural stone

To complement its eco-friendly architecture, the eco-resort employs eco-flush toilets, uses only solar power for lighting and rainwater as water supply, and recycles wastewater for use in its gardens. Single-use plastics are, of course, nowhere to be found.

On the F&B side, the on-site restaurant serves probiotic Japanese-Indonesian fusion dishes featuring organic ingredients and heirloom vegetables grown in the eco-resort’s own permaculture garden. All food waste is converted into compost. Other wastes are recycled through a local impact enterprise.

Mana aims to create a circular – “earthlier” – world. That is, a world driven by a positive, virtuous cycle in which the more it succeeds as a business, the more everything around us also flourishes – the environment, community, and economy. The profits from Mana go to fund Earth Company’s work to support the changemakers across the Asia Pacific.

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