Pulau Kenawa, Sumbawa

Quiet, calm and peaceful.  As far as the eye could see, there is only a stretch of grassland, a number of blank bale (gazebo), and a small hill at the end of the island. Kenawa Island has been widely known among (mostly) Indonesian domestic tourists because of its unique topography. This island is mainly a grassland that has a hill at the end. Here are some brief facts you need to know about Kenawa Island.


Kenawa island located in the northwest of the island of Sumbawa, precisely in the Alas Strait, not far from the harbor crossing Poto Tano, West Sumbawa. Administratively, this small island to the rest of the village of Poto Tano, Poto Tano District, West Sumbawa regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). To reach the island Kenawa, my friend and rent a fishing boat from the village of Poto Tano, takes about 15 minutes.

Kenawa island has stunning natural scenery. The combination of natural hills, grasslands (savanna), a stretch of white sandy beaches and ocean water blue-green shades, made of natural Kenawa island is so beautiful and impressive. Fun again, the island area of 13.8 hectares is uninhabited and has not been visited by many tourists, so it is very quiet.

Wherever you cast your sight, you will see a beautiful sea view. If you walk along the path until it reaches the top of the hill, the scenery you see will be very stunning. Not only the blue sea, but you can also see many other islands around Kenawa.

On the edge of the Kenawa grassland, there are many huts that you can use to shelter from the sun and rain. However, many tourists come here with the intention to camp, to enjoy a night under a starry sky in the middle of the ocean. Camping is allowed on this island, with various strict rules.

If you come during the dry season, the grass on this island can be very dry so you are not allowed to start a fire. You are not allowed to leave any form of garbage here. In addition, you must also use reliable tents because the wind here can blow at high speed.

Getting There
To reach the island Kenawa, you should first fly to Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara Province. Of Mataram, continue during the two-hour road trip to the Port of Heaven, East Lombok. You can ride public transportation or rent a car from Mataram to the Port of Heaven. Next, you just ride the ferry to the Port of Poto Tano, Sumbawa in one and a half to two hours. Of Poto Tano harbor, you can ride a motorcycle taxi or walk to the village of Poto Tano and rent boats from local fishermen. The journey from the village of Poto Tano Kenawa the island is only about 15 minutes.

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