Balinese Cooking Class

Indonesia is a blessed country rich in history, arts, cultures and traditions. Its diverse cuisine is a celebration of this wealth. We have a selection of Cooking Class introduces a unique hands-on kitchen experience that exposes guests to centuries-old tradition in Indonesian gastronomy, specifically Balinese cuisine, embracing authentic, indigenous cooking techniques and ingredients. Glimpse into the beautiful simplicity and exotic richness of Indonesian cooking and dining culture.

Cooking Class 1

Discover the spiced flavors of Bali’s virtually unknown cuisine. Classes offer a fascinating introduction in to the exotic ingredients and unique culinary heritage of Bali. They provide a valuable insight into the various techniques of food preparation and the cooking style used in our island homes.

Delicious local food is one of Bali’s most famous attractions, and now you can take home the authentic flavours of Indonesian cuisine, we are offering classes for novice and experienced chefs, as well as kids!

Cooking Class 4

We give you a hands-on opportunity to learn about the secret techniques and distinctive ingredients of Indonesian cuisine in a full professional-quality facility. The recipes are sourced from our local chefs who come from various regions across Indonesia. Taking a cooking class is also fun for an interactive family activity. Once a week, the school offers a kids’ pastry class, focusing on Indonesian desserts.

Kedongan Fisherman

After an optional tour of the Jimbaran Fish Market at 8:00 am, students gather in the kitchen at 9:30 am to create a full five-course meal, according to traditional menus. This Shore Excursion gives an introduction to Country side, real Balinese daily life, art and craft. Stopping at Traditional Bali House compound to see Balinese Family at daily routine continue to observe skilled Balinese artisan in making masterpieces of Bali Art. The Highlight of this tour is experience the real Balinese culture through their traditional Cuisine, a local chef will guide you to prepare everything. Learn how to grind, mix and prepare the abundant herbs and spices which add the unique texture and flavor to Balinese dishes in traditional kitchen using unique utensils.

Classes are taught in English only and are for personal and small group.

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