Mekar Bhuana Gamelan Music and Dance Bali

Gamelan music and dance are a unique and colourful part of everyday Balinese life. There are more than 45 different types of gamelan orchestras in Bali and hundreds of dances. However, few people are aware that some of these art-forms are rare and even endangered. Due to modernisation, globalisation, misguided tourism and a generally faster-paced way of life, the older traditions have lost popularity—in some cases, disappeared completely.

While many Balinese artists are happy to take on foreign student, we are organizing this fun lesson in private. Mekar Bhuana is active in the documentation, study, reconstruction and performance of these rich and wonderful, yet undervalued art-forms. Based on more than 15 years of research, we work closely with senior guru from the villages, as well as professional musicians and dancers, to document, study and re-popularise a near-extinct tradition.

Mekar Bhuana’s gamelan or dance workshop pro-grammes are in-depth and informative. Taught by English-speaking researchers and practitioners—including a native English speaker ethnomusicolo-gist, supported by instructors and assistants—these programmes will suit people who prefer a broader overview of the art-forms, more than just the hands-on experience. A session will typically include explanations using PowerPoint and videos, demon-strations by local practitioners, as well as a chance to try the chosen art-form. Programmes may be specifically gamelan or dance, or a combination of both.

Learn Balinese music and dance in an intimate family home setting :

  • Two air conditioned dance studios full-length mirrors, equipped with A/V system
  • Indoor and outdoor options for gamelan and dance sessions
  • Hygienic environment with western standard toilets and food preparation
  • Environmental friendly surroundings with unlimited mineral water and complimentary plastic-packaging-free, homemade snacks/cakes/fruit
  • Beautiful Balinese souvenir to take home.
  • Taught by English-speaking instructors, these private lessons are purely practical and focus on learning a specific gamelan instrument or dance.

Mekar Bhuana classes and workshops are for those people who are seriously interested in learning about the beauty and history of these unique traditional art-forms. Visitors can visit this living museum of antique instruments, take lessons, see orchestral rehearsals and catch performances of rare performing art-forms, some of them previously extinct and the results of the centers reconstruction and documentation projects. A family founded center, Mekar Bhuana’s vision is to support traditional Balinese gamelan music and dance that is rarely seen or heard. Mekar Bhuana achieve this by working with the Balinese, researching, studying, documenting and reconstructing. Then we educate people, particularly the younger generation, to encourage awareness about the beauty of these endangered art-forms. Mekar Bhuana also formed an online store mekarbhuana and proceeds go to gamelan and dance projects and activities.

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