Bayan Village, Lombok

It is only natural that in a highly popular tourist destination, surrounding areas receive economic advantages. If not from accommodation, these areas can also benefit from the food and beverage sector. However, the effects on Bayan village – a gateway to the famous Rinjani mountain trekking trail – have transpired the other way around. The village only has two hotels nearby – one in Senaru, Bayan’s neighboring village, and the other in the village area overlooking vast rice terraces. A decent restaurant is yet to be found, but the village has the potential to become the next Ubud, even better.

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Located in North Lombok district, the village is set at the foot of Indonesia’s second highest mountain, surrounded by a vast rice field, numerous waterfalls, a well-preserved rain forest and it’s only 20 minutes from the beach. Location wise, it has everything to the point it is worthy of being listed on anyone’s bucket list. But what’s more interesting about the village is that it has maintained its cultural heritage. The villagers’ unique culture, named Wetu Telu, is a mix of elements of Islam with ancestral worship and to a lesser extent animism.

The Bayan people believe everything comes in threes. Life cycles have three stages; birth, life and death. Humans are created from three elements – mother, father and God. All living organisms are born either from wombs, eggs or the earth. They also honor the concept of Holy Trinity; the sun, the moon and the stars, which they see as a representation of heaven, earth and water.

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Their culture originally descends from the Majapahit Hindu kingdom dated from the 14th century. It has an obvious resemblance to the Balinese Hindus seen from their traditional costumes and textile patterns.

How to get there:

Driving distance from the airport is about a three-hour drive via Pusuk.

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