Cendrawasih Birdwatching (Birds of Paradise) in West Papua

Bird of Paradise is a family Paradisaeidae and only found in eastern Indonesia, the islands of the Torres Strait, Papua New Guinea, and eastern Australia. The attraction of a bird of paradise are very beautiful colors feathers, beautiful colors of the feathers used by males to attract females. In addition, to attract females during the mating season thy also perform movements such as dance.

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Give yourself at least a few days around northern Papua and southern Maluku. Once you have learned about birds of paradise. Over 40 different species of Cendrawasih (bird of paradise) are found in small areas of northern Papua and southern Maluku, as well as PNG.

Cendrawasih were first taken to Europe following colonial exploration around the Dutch East Indies. Their feathers fetched remarkable prices as fashionable accessories, so the birds soon faced extinction. Because traders often removed the birds’ legs and wings to highlight their beautiful plumage, Europeans originally thought that the birds had no feet and spent their entire lives in flight.

The male bird is usually more brightly coloured than the female and displays its magnificent plumage during mating, often hanging upside down from branches to show off its colours. Cenderawasih usually nest in open parts of a tree, feed on fruit and insects, have remarkable thin, curled ‘tail-wires’ up to 30cm long with colourful tips, and make loud screeching noises.

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Birds-of-paradise numbers were already dwindling in Papua as they are poached, killed and used for decoration. Authorities have since banned the sale of the species but there is still a thriving illegal trade because international demand is high. Authorities have banned the sale of birds-of-paradise, but this has not done much to dent the illegal trade, because demand is high.

Indonesia’s rainforests are home to 41 birds-of-paradise species, according to Roring, 37 of which can be found in the jungles of Papua. They range from the lesser bird-of-paradise, known for its yellow and white flank plumes, to the twelve-wired bird-of-paradise, recognisable by the filaments that extend from its tail. Admired for their striking colours and elaborate courtship rituals, the birds have a long history of being trapped and traded as ornaments.

These birds are scarce and elusive, but with lots of patience, time and a knowledgeable guide, it may be possible to spot some. Finding them will require chartering boats, organising guides and carrying camping equipment, as their territories are remote: Waigeo, Misool, Batanta and Salawati islands (off the coast of Sorong); along sections of the aptly named Cendrawasih Bay; around the north coast of Pulau Yapen; and in the Aru Islands (southeast Maluku).

Organised bird-watching tours can be arranged via Sorong, Manokwari, Biak and Jayapura.

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