Sound Healing With Pyramids Of Chi, Bali

If you’re looking for a deep sense of peace and reconnection to self, then expect the unexpected at Pyramids of Chi, where a combination of ancient sounds, sacred geomancy design and polar positioning encourage your chakra system to synchronise with the pyramid’s energy: clearing emotional or mental blockages while harnessing the energy of the island of Bali.

The rhythm and beats of the gongs, drums and didgeridoo combine with the scent of sandalwood and a peaceful atmosphere in the Pyramids of Chi to reduce any betabrain waves that dominate aroused conscious thought, and increase the intensity of theta waves within the brain, introducing deep relaxation and increased awareness of inner-self. The two pyramids have been built and designed under sacred geometry guidelines and are aligned to draw powerful and uplifting energy to rejuvenate your soul.

Founders Peter and Lynn McIntosh believe they were guided to help people discover the wonders of sound healing in Bali and complete relaxation using, vibrations and breathing techniques. Unexpected events brought them to Ubud in 2013, where they had a vision to build two pyramids in a location known as a place of ancient healing medicine. Four years later the project was completed and in full operation by March 2017. In the first year almost 8,000 visitors made their way to the Pyramids to experience their magic. Peter and Lynn are both trained gong masters and have a wealth of experience helping people achieve the ultimate in sound healing and relaxation through sound therapy.

Sound healing in Bali works on the principle that everything is in vibration, that all matter broken down to the sub-atomic level is simply a state of vibration. Emotions are also vibration, as demonstrated by the work of Dr Emoto who exposed water to emotional influence and observed the patterns created at the molecular level. Dr Emoto’s research shows that healthy emotions produce harmonic geometric shapes, whereas negative emotions produce disarray. The same principle applies to our bodies, which are up to 60 percent water, so when we expose ourselves to stress, electromagnetic fields and unhealthy lifestyles, our system can be affected adversely.

It has also been claimed that 20 minutes in a theta state is equivalent to three to five hours sleep. When experiencing the powerful vibrations of a gong or didgeridoo on the body, the being is literally being resonated back into a healthy harmonic state of vibration on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

Many people spend so much time in a state of feeling nervous, fearful, worried or under pressure and fail to realise the stressful effects of these states. Sound waves create profound healing upon physical, emotional or even mental issues by re-aligning one or more of the energy centres within the body. This reaction is referred to as a ‘release’ and if experienced is a true blessing and wonderful gift to receive. Surrounded by an expanse of rice fields, visitors to the Pyramids of Chi arrive with a chaotic mind and body, but leave with serenity.

At the beginning of the ceremony, don’t forget to breathe! Try and suspend any expectations or judgments before you enter, as this will really help to anchor you in the practice and stay in the present. Taking long deep breaths at the start of the sound bath will support you to deeply relax and encourage the body to open to the sound work. If you find your mind wandering, gently bring the focus back to the breath, using it as an anchor for the experience.

One of the beautiful things about sound healing is that it’s different every time.Pyramids of Chi is the ultimate sound healing experience in Bali, housed within a spectacular 14-meter gold painted Pyramid, built to 1/16th scale of the Great Pyramid of Giza – the Pyramid of Sun. Jump on their free shuttle bus to enjoy a wellness café, unique line-up of events, and workshops. K.D.

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