Exotic Gemstone Markets, Rawabening in Jakarta

From the outside, the Jakarta Gems Center looks like any other mall in East Jakarta, standing opposite the Jatinegara train station in bold primary colors.  Sitting on 10,866 square meters of land, this four level shopping center hosts more than 1,000 traders and claims to be one of the biggest gemstone centers in the Southeast Asia.

Pasar Rawa Bening also known as ‘Exotic Gemstone Market’ is located in Jatinegara area, East Jakarta. This market is a treasure find for anyone who is keen on precious and semi precious stones. Though you must be cautious of possible fraudulent offers. You will find brilliant rubies, cat’s-eyes, agate and emeralds all in this market. The other part of the market sells traditional home accessories, such as Indonesian antiques and ceremonial keris with gem-studded hilts.

Prices for the stones vary depending on the size and quality.  Stones and rings can be bought separately at the center and also made to order on site. Rings and stones can be purchased separately. The market is closed on Friday morning.

The name reveals the main attraction of the mall that claims to be one of the largest and most comprehensive marketplaces for gems and precious stones in Southeast Asia. With around 1,000 stalls offering a wide array of stones such as amethyst from Kalimantan, opals from Banten, sapphires from Sri Lanka and agate from Central Java, the Jakarta Gems Centre draws collectors from around the world searching for unique and precious stones. While synthetic stones litter the stalls displays, most of the centre’s wares are authentic pieces, available in rough and polished form. Processing of local stones is done onsite, so that buyers can design their own jewellery, from the gold or silver setting to the size and cut of the inset stone. One of the centre’s most popular jewellery pieces are its large agate rings, worn traditionally by Javanese men, and believed by some to hold paranormal powers, bringing the wearer good luck, charisma, prosperity, and even healing power.

You’ll discover strands of readymade gem beads, rings, earrings, and bracelets but there are also gemstone traders with open tables for their goods to be sold in true market style.  It is best coming at weekday to avoid the crowds and the sellers increase their prices during weekend. Weekdays is always a good day to take the time to bargain. No need to rush, be patient, and always bargain is the key to get the best deal price

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