Expert hosted departure Aqua Blu Expeditions to Spice Island with Ian Burnet

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We are pleased to share that an exhilarating voyage onboard Aqua Blu with Australian historian and author Ian Burnet to join them as expert for the first two Spice Islands departures in October 2020.

Aqua Blu at a glance 

Aqua Blu is the renowned boutique cruising specialist Aqua Expeditions’ first foray into Indonesian waters. Originally built in 1968, she underwent significant refurbishments in 2017 and launches in Indonesia in late 2019. This striking 60-metre expedition yacht is a unique vessel with a fascinating past and a penchant for delivering ultra-luxurious cruising with the convenience of speed and sturdiness across the Indonesian archipelago.

Aqua Blu cruises in western Indonesia during the summer months, including Bali, Sumbawa and Komodo National Park, before heading east to Raja Ampat during the winter months, via the Alor archipelago and the Spice Islands. A crew of 25 caters to guests onboard, including a cruise director, dive instructor and guides. 

Aqua Blu has an impressive capacity of up to 32 guests accommodated in 15 cabins. On the bridge deck lies an inter-connecting master and double cabin. The forecastle deck comprises another inter-connecting master and double cabin, as well as a further double cabin.

On the main deck, guests will find an expansive salon and separate dining room, with outdoor seating on the aft. The forecastle deck has a library and TV room as well as the sky lounge bar, with further outdoor dining and seating on the aft. The spa and Jacuzzi are located on the bridge deck, while the sun deck features a large lounge bench and sun loungers. Aqua Blu is equipped with diving and snorkeling gear, kayaks, stand up paddleboards, 2 zodiacs, a gym, laundry facilities and complimentary Wifi where available.

Join author, historian and voyager Ian Burnet on our Spice Islands voyage of 17th to 24th 2020

Ian Burnet grew up in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia and graduated with a degree in Geology and Geophysics from the University of Melbourne. He first went to work in Indonesia in 1968 as a young geologist and became fascinated by the diverse cultures and rich history of the archipelago.  He has spent thirty years living, working and travelling in Indonesia. Burnet came across the story of the Ternate and Tidore islands and realized that their effect on the world had to be told. After ten years of researching and writing the narrative of the Spice Islands, he published a book telling of the history, romance and adventure of the spice trade, which spans more than an incredible 2000 years. 

Spice Islands has received critical acclaim for its scholarship and entertaining history of the Maluku and Banda Islands in a beautifully illustrated and easily digestible read.  Since then, he has written multiple books surrounding the Indonesian archipelago including: 

  • East Indies
  • Archipelago 
  • A Journey Across Indonesia 
  • Where Australia Collides with Asia 
  • The Tasman Map

Ian has been organizing sailing voyages around the Eastern Indonesian archipelago since 2012 – where he conveys his passion and knowledge of the islands and spices that set off an international race for discovery and monopoly, in which wars were fought and blood was shed all in the name of the humble nutmeg and clove. 

October 2020 and 24th- 31st October 2020 with 4 out of 7 lectures per voyage: 

  • History of the Dutch East India Company in the East Indies 
  • History of Ambon/Saparua and the Pattimura revolt 
  • History of Banda and the Banda massacre 
  • History of Rhun and the Manhattan transfer 
  • The voyages of Alfred Russel Wallace and the Wallace Line 
  • Wallace/Darwin and the Origin of Species 
  • Wallacea and the Coral Triangle 

Spice Island Expedition Itinerary 

  • Day 1 Saturday Ambon 
  • Day 2 Sunday Saparua 
  • Day 3 Monday Banda Islands and Banda Neira 
  • Day 4 Tuesday Banda Neira & Gunung Api 
  • Day 5 Wednesday Pulau Manuk 
  • Day 6 Thursday Pulau Run 
  • Day 7 Friday Nusa Laut & Molana 
  • Day 8 Saturday Ambon 

Note: All itineraries are subject to change, due to weather and other conditions.
*Flight schedule are subjected to change at the discretion of the Airlines without notice. 

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