Freediving Course in East Bali

With lush, milky coral beds and heavenly clear waters, Bali is the perfect playground for Freediving. If you’re looking for something to do that will really take you away from the masses, head up to the beautiful north east of Bali, near mount Agung, and get into freediving in the calm waters of Amed and Tulamben. These towns were only developed to welcome holidaymakers in the last half-decade, but it probably won’t be long before they are heaving island havens.

Fun dive at the USAT Liberty Wreck. Photo: Coco Travel

There is a plethora of choices for scubadiving, and even 3 freedive schools along the coast; Fusion, Apneista and Apnea. Apneista is located in a beautiful beach-side cafe slash yoga studio in Amed, just up from Fusion, while Apnea is found in Tulamben – famous for the USS Liberty shipwreck just off its shoreline.

Freediving is an evolving sport with a variety of disciplines that has only recently been recognised at an international level. The first record of depth diving competitions was in 1951, noted at just 35 metres; the sport has progressed consistently since then, with its big break occurring in the 80’s. These days, champions are reaching depths of over 200 metres and proving breath holds in excess of 11 minutes.


Amed, Bali. Photo: Tiomax80/Flickr

Freediving is a truly liberating sport, or even a form of arts according to some. The highly passionate instructors are extremely friendly and very professional. These people will teach you on the theories behind the dive, and also in-depth understanding of what your body goes through during a freedive session. The lessons are easy to follow, and very informative at the same time. In addition, the instructors will also make sure that you are equipped with top-notch equipment. The course takes place over a period of two days and is accessible to everyone from complete beginners to advanced divers. The benefit of it will surpass any expectations you have.

Amed is made up of 7 fishermen villages, and 14 km of stunning coastal scenery with the sacred Mount Agung, where you’ll see the sun sets in one of the most beautiful settings. This area has been gaining popularity in the recent years, thanks to an improvement in infrastructures and roads to access the place.

Line training. Photo: Jakob Boman

Just meters away off the shore, the crystal clear water exposes its rich marine lives and beauty that lie below, and this is where your ‘’classroom’’ will be.  Live something unique and close to magic with your loved one, you will reach all the serenity you’ve been looking for.

How to get there

Amed is located in the North East top of Bali, 3 hours away from Bali’s International airport.

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