Gili Lawa Laut, Komodo National Park

Gili Lawa Laut is the northern-most of two islands off the northeastern tip of Komodo Island. There are several dive sites around the island, and the bays on the north and south sides are a common overnight mooring place. The bays themselves are good night dive spots, where you can spot some harlequin shrimp as well as a few other interesting things.

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Between Gili Lawa Laut and Komodo is Gili Lawa Darat, and between the two smaller islands is a narrow passage that is also a good dive site. This site is generally just referred to as “the passage.” As you might expect, the currents in this area can be very strong, and it’s best dived only at slack tide.

Off the eastern tip of Gili Lawa Laut is the Lighthouse dive site. Currents are also swift here, and you want to stay close to the wall to avoid being swept out into the open water. The current will slack a bit once you get into the shadow of the island.

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A submerged rock at high tide which offers great fish life and good coral cover. A couple of valleys play home to oriental sweetlips and there are some big groupers around. The bigger feeders such as jacks and tuna can be found out where the currents are stronger. There are a few other interesting dive sites in the area including Lighthouse which has a “honey hole” on the point that is home to sweetlips and batfish with mantas often spotted on the safety stop.

The Dive Sites
Crystal Rock named after the surrounding clear waters just breaks the surface and is home to large schools of fusiliers and anthias beneath it. Nice soft coral coverage here with some impressive table corals. There is a small mound northwest of the rock where different species of fish school seasonally, including tuna and mackerel.

Castle Rock is another nearby spot with good fishlife including batfish and morays. Soft corals and sea fans are prolific at around 20 meters Currents can be strong, usually flow eastwards and are much stronger at the surface than in the deeper water but it is possible to find shelter near the top of the rock where conditions are calmer (hence the name of this site). Sharks and big rays can be spotted here.

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Between dives, you can land on the island and make the short hike up to the saddle of the hills for a good view of both sides of the island, as well as the two bays.

About Komodo National Park: 

Step into Indonesia’s Jurassic Park (Komodo National Park under the sun and unravelled Exotic Wildlife with Spectacular landscape. Home to the famous Komodo Dragons, Komodo Island is a small island off the west coast of the island of Flores, a 90 minute direct flight east of Bali and part of the Komodo National Park, which actually consists of 3 main islands – Komodo, Rinca and Padar.

It’s not only the chance to see Komodo Dragons, which draws visitors, but divers will find some of the best diving in Indonesia. Accommodation in Komodo National Park is based mostly on Rinca, although live-aboard cruises are also popular for 1 or 2 night cruises in the Komodo National Park. Luxury Accommodations also available for our discerning travellers.

Full of energy, charisma and plenty of shimmering sunlight, Indonesia’s “flower island” will leave with memories you’ll carry for a lifetime. Discover our #travelogue on this spectacular Komodo Islands here: The Legendary Komodo Dragon & Komodo Islands

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