HOSHINOYA Bali Introduces “Bali Hindu Wellness Retreat”

From the 1st of June 2019 at HOSHINOYA Bali (Ubud, Bali, Indonesia), Hoshino Resorts will introduce the new “Bali Hindu Wellness Retreat” Program. It utilizes knowledge about how to live a healthy, happy life, gathered by Indian scholars working together for over 5,000 years. The Bali Wisdom Wellness Retreat is a health-based program inspired by the knowledge of these ancient Hindu savants and the health improvement methods used by practitioners of the unique Balinese Hinduism. Through experiences like melukat, yoga, and spa treatments, guests’ energy balances will be restored, leading them to a state where healthy, happy smiles (the “archaic smile”) abound.

Guests will bathe at Tirta Empul Temple and the sacred waterfall in Sebatu Village. Surrounded by the sacred atmosphere, which is maintained by strict rules about the process to follow and prayers to say before guests can enter the water, they will feel emotional tension. Guests will also feel the strong sensation of the powerful waterfall hitting them, creating physical tension as well. After the bathing, guests will receive a holistic full massage and treatment at the HOSHINOYA Spa. They will be treated with plant oil that uses the fragrances of nature and our body scrub based on rice flour, before relaxing on the flower bus, and releasing all the tension built up from their bath.

Guests will also do four types of yoga, which create different levels of tension in the body. The early morning valley yoga takes place at a location once used as a cave of meditation and will wake up the body and mind. The private yoga is a lesson to improve each individual’s posture that takes place at the purposely built Yoga Gazebo, a yoga-only space with a great view of the valley. After each yoga session, guests meditate to relax their body and mind.

The spa treatment includes a holistic full massage and treatment, as well as the Royal Lulur, which uses a luxury body scrub made with a recipe handed down through generations of the royal family, and the Spicy Body Revitalizing spa treatment, which warms and massages the body, to release physical and emotional tension.

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