Indonesian Adventure & Total Solar Eclipse March 2016

A total eclipse of the sun is one of the natural world’s greatest spectacles. It is an event which defies description and even the best photography can only offer a hint of the eclipse experience. You need to be there!

 solar eclipse 3

The path of the eclipse shadow in 2016 crosses the vast area of Indonesia, offering an interesting mix of unusual and exotic destinations together with promising weather prospects and an eclipse of good duration. All of the land crossed by the eclipse is in Indonesia, although with over 13,000 islands and many hundreds of different cultural and ethnic groups, this country offers unsurpassed diversity.

The Eclipse

The eclipse starts when the shadow of the moon reaches the earth’s surface in the Indian Ocean west of Sumatra. The shadow then moves across Indonesia and out into the Pacific Ocean, with a maximum eclipse duration of just over four minutes south of Guam and the track ends north of Hawaii. Indonesia is the only land crossed by the eclipse.

Belitung (maximum duration of totality app 2 min 12 secs)

Belitung is one of the increasingly rare places which have an unbelievable wealth of features that have drawn tourists to other parts of the world, but this island has somehow been overlooked. The beaches are world class, with white sand, blue water and undamaged coral directly off the beach. There are uninhabited small islands which can easily be reached on the colourful fishing craft. Inland you can take a trip to a waterfall and bathing pool or just explore the mix of cultures in the small villages.

 solar eclipse 2

Palu, Sulawesi  (maximum duration of totality app. 2 min 50 secs)

Our site on Sulawesi will be in a valley south of the small town of Palu. The hills on the eastern side of the valley form a barrier to the prevailing wind, reducing any cloudiness it may bring. A local micro-climate like this is always a good feature! This programme will start in Manado, the main hub of North Sulawesi and the base for our eclipse seminars before setting off for the observation sites.

Ternate (maximum duration of totality app. 2 min 44 secs)

 Tidore (maximum duration of totality app. 3 min 05 secs)

Ternate is one of the remote Muluku Islands known in earlier times as the Celebes. The Celebes were the original Spice Islands where rare spices such as nutmeg, mace and cloves could be found.  Around 180 miles east of Manado, the remote islands of Ternate and Tidore offer very good weather prospects and Tidore has the longest duration of any reasonably practical land observation base. Ternate is the capital of North Muluku Province so it is the gateway to the region. We fly in from Manado and base ourselves at a hotel in Ternate. The eclipse can be observed from Ternate, but for the more adventurous a 30 minute speedboat trip south to the island of Tidore will offer a potential increase in the eclipse duration to over three minutes.

solar eclipse 4

To witness a total solar eclipse is an unforgettable experience—and combined with this unique cruise, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime travel adventure! Our journey offers the best weather prospects on the Indonesian eclipse path and more than three minutes of totality, observed from the safety and comfort of an expedition ship.

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