Isle East Indies luxury private island rental, Thousand Island Jakarta

A petite jewel in the Thousand Islands, in the Java Sea near Jakarta, the island is approximately one hectare in size with two pristine white beaches. There are four freestanding houses dotted around the island, consisting of the Joglo pavilions, the Malay and Balinese Lumbung. Water activities include waterskiing, kayaking to neighboring islands, snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing. From Jakarta, our guests would be whisked on board our vintage motor sailing yacht ‘The Raden Mas’ as part of the experience.

Isle East Indies is approximately one hectare in size, with two pristine white sand beaches. At an easy pace, you can walk its perimeter in less than fifteen minutes. It is a totally private island, so when you book your stay, you have the luxury of the entire island paradise awaiting you. The island presently accommodates a maximum of 8 adults with 4 bedrooms and additional 2 people with sofa beds and the price makes it a super affordable stay for families and friends who want a taste of luxury!

isle east indies resort 2There are four houses dotted around the island, enhancing the feeling of absolute privacy and serenity. The main Joglo houses a large living and dining pavilion, two master suites and two bathrooms. The Malay style guesthouse includes a master suite with an adjacent bathroom and the Balinese Lumbung has a double bed and separate toilet and shower area. There is also a breezy freestanding pavilion to convene at for dinner and drinks.

Whether you’re aim is to unwind with a good book or you’d like to explore your surroundings, Isle East Indies has something to appeal to everyone. Water activities include water skiing, kayaking to neighboring islands, snorkeling, Scuba Diving and fishing.

About the Island

There are only four main buildings in the island. All of it has an ethnic colonial design with various antique ornament decorations. It makes the island different and more attractive than other island in Thousand Islands (Pulau Seribu). First building is Joglo House, a luxury Javanese wooden house which located right on the shore line. Include two master suites, complete with artistic decorations, wood carving and book collections. Phinisi ship replica beautifully decorates the living room, lazy couches draped with mosquito nets ready to cuddle you.

Interior rumah Joglo tampak depan di resort Isle East Indies, Pulau Kaliage Kecil, Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta(13/6).There is a natural track that connects one house with the other, behind the Joglo there is Malay House. It has two beds with an amazing view of open sea and Opak Besar Island. There is also Lumbung House, with its style of tree house look like packed with romantic nuances. It only has one bedroom, suitable for teenager and adventurer minded.

For those who like to chill while enjoying the meal, there is a comfy gazebo to gather up and enjoy the beautiful sunset. This island surrounded with tree which makes a calm and fresh atmosphere spread to the whole island

Things To Do

If you want to have a snap escape from your hectic routine, Isle East Indies is definitely the perfect answer. To unite with the nature, read your favorite novel while enjoying sunset on the swing is surely relaxing. For those who love to do water activity, this island is also providing snorkeling equipment to support you exploring Isle East Indies under water.

Thousand Islands (Pulau Seribu) has been known of its nature treasure. There are 17 species of bird, 350 species of reef fish, 3 groups of algae, 101 species of mollusks, 237 species of coral and 6 species of seaweeds. Who want to miss out the beauty of marine life on the island?

isle east indies resort 4To go to the snorkeling location, you don’t have to take a long journey because it can be reached just by foot. Beautiful stretch of soft coral with various kinds of fish and other under water beauty can be found easily, either by snorkeling, diving, or just looking on the water surface.

In some areas near the coast, coral looks very shallow, you need to be careful in this area because on you steps because our feet could damage the coral. This area is also has a beautiful white sands stretch in a shallow clear sea water, we can see the sailing boat shadow on seabed. Whenever we stare at the blue ocean combined with their turquoise clear colors, those things will seriously peace out our mind.

If you like to dare you adrenaline, you will be ready to cross over small strait that connects the islands around with water ski. Fishing is also a fine activity to fill out your spare time.

After the exciting activities on the island, you can also get high on the sound of waves which leads you to relaxing world while having Mojito shots. Dazzling beauty of Isle East Indies and the ‘privacy’ service offered is a captivating holiday experience to go for.

How to get there

Isle East Indies is set amidst Indonesia’s Thousand Islands (Pulau Seribu), a collection of stunning tropical islands in the Java Sea near to Jakarta. Despite it’s name, The Thousand Islands comprise approximately 130 small islands surrounded by a National Marine Park and hundreds of coral reefs!

Approximately forty miles offshore, Isle Des Indes is a beautiful petite jewel in the Java Sea reachable via a leisurely cruise onboard our vintage motor sailing yacht the ‘Raden Mas’. Speedboat or Helicopter transfers are also available for those who prefer the air, excitement and a speedy journey.

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