Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp Getaway

If there’s a castaway inside you, longing for an untouched island with white sand fringed by a deep, natural jungle…you should make sure Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp becomes a destination on your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Indonesia.


Jeeva Beloam, “The Soul of Beloam”, tropical beach camp is a truly unique escape from the world, at the very southern tip of Lombok. Built of 53 hectares, facing a private white sand beach with a few on Sumbawa coast, the camp is made of 11 guest bungalows (Sasak berugas), a dining tent and one more beruga used as reception and library. Each thatch, bamboo and wood beruga combines elements of a Lombok hunting camp with Eastern Indonesian motifs to create a tranquil and serene ‘Robinson Crusoe’ beach camp experience. Jeeva Beloam beach camp is one of the few untouched places in the world where you can truly return to the rhythm of life.

Situated just south of Bali, Lombok is a much smaller island that has escaped the attention of mass tourism. So it will fulfill your castaway cravings for a private idyll. It has pristine beaches and an endless horizon filled with sea. It also has Jeeva Beloam.

jeeva bloam 4

Completing the idyllic picture, this luxury beach camp hotel features five beachfront berugas – magnificent gabled ‘villas’ in the traditional Lombok style, built entirely of sustainable, recycled wood. This is upmarket beach camping at its very best, including a castaway restaurant on stilts, leading to the water’s edge.

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All berugas are equipped with a spacious covered terrace and large daybeds, an air-conditioned bedroom, an open air bathroom. A spa offering local massage treatments is located on the small knoll behind the dining tent.


As Jeeva Beloam is slightly off the beaten path, all meals are included in your room rate.

Tanda Restaurant – Offering an open menu of Western and Asian favorites, all dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients, local produce, and what happens to be the catch of the day. Most of the dinner menus are prepared based on what will be fresh at the market and in season and as such will change almost every day.

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Property Features:

  • 24 hour Reception
  • On Site Restaurant
  • Library
  • Free Parking
  • Spa
  • Bar / Lounge
  • Non-Smoking Rooms

Jeeva Beloam has no phone service and only limited electricity (supplied by solar panels), but it does have five stylish, Sasak-inspired A-frame guest bungalows set on a sand dune above a private cove with views across the Alas Strait to the neighboring  island of Sumbawa. There’s not a whole lot to do here apart from lazing on the beach, snorkeling, exploring the forested peninsula, or dining on fresh-caught seafood and local farm produce in the camp’s tented restaurant. And in this unplugged corner of Lombok, that’s just the point.

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Flight to Lombok

  • From Jakarta: Garuda and Lion Air fly directly every day.
  • From Singapore: Silk Air flies directly once per day.  Flights are expensive.
  • From Kuala Lumpur: Air Asia flies directly once per day.


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