Kabui Bay, West Papua

Kabui Bay , located between Gam island and the south west of Waigeo, shows an amazing  display of karst formations ,islands and rocks emerging vertically  from the sea covered with tropical vegetation , mangrove forests  and small sandy beaches. An exploration trip with the boat’s tender will take us through narrow passages into the “inner sea” , a large seawater lake which bigger boats can only access.

Visiting Raja Ampat is such the great time if you love diving, snorkeling, and enjoying the beautiful pure nature in the serene area. Sure, Raja Ampat becomes the popular destination to go for travelers who like diving and snorkeling. It takes place in west Papua, Indonesia. That is the area of archipelago with adorable islands which are more than one thousands. Of course, there are so many great spots to visit which you can choose, such like Kabui bay. Actually, almost all places in Raja Ampat are totally wonderful. That is not only great as a vacation destination for travelers who love diving and snorkeling but also for just married couples who want to enjoy their romantic honeymoon. Kabui bay becomes one of the recommended sites in Raja Ampat. The location is hidden but all people can reach the place to enjoy its beauty by crossing a small lane between two great coral islands. Then, you will enjoy the beauty of Kabui bay as like you were in the earth paradise. That is because of its natural beauty which can be really refreshing and relaxing. 

Kabui Bay is located around Gam Island and Waigeo Island, Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia. To reach this place would not be difficult since there are so many tour packages with Kabui bay as one of the destinations to go which we can choose. That is the simple way to do to reach Kabui Bay. That is popular with its adorable great coral islands around which are called as Karst. The area in Kabui bay is so beautiful, pure, and unspoiled yet. We can find the clear yet clean waters in that area so that we can see a lot of beautiful underwater view such like the beautiful corals, coral reefs, fishes, and also other kinds of marine species there. The colorful underwater can be seen from the surface since it has the very clear water.

At Kabui Bay, under the cliff of the coral island, you will find the unique cave which is full of stalactite and stalagmite. For sure, all of us will imagine how beautiful it is. Sure, to see and enjoy the beauty of the cave, you need wait until the water is subsided because when the water is high, the cave would not be seen since it will be covered by the water. To reach Kabui bay, you can simply reach it from Sorong to Raja Ampat which will take about two until three hours for the journey.

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