Kalibaru Plantation, East Java

The picturesque road from Jember to Banyuwangi winds around the foothills of Gunung Raung, through rainforest, and up to the small hill town of Kalibaru (428m). It’s a good base for visiting the nearby plantations around Glenmore, to the east, or the smaller, more easily visited plots of coffee and cloves to the north of Kalibaru train station. This 12 hectares plantation has become more and more popular for foreign tourist and also domestic tourist lately.

kalibaru 1Approaching Kalibaru from the west, the closer large airport is at Surabaya, the capital of East Java Province. From Surabaya, Kalibaru is reached by road or train. By either route, the journey takes approximately 6 to 7 hours and passes through constantly changing scenes of life in tropical paradise – busy towns, sleepy rural villages, terraced rice fields, plantations, orchards, forests and happy people with ready and warm smiles. The road journey winds over the forested Merawan range, while the train passes under it via a historic tunnel that was built in 1902 – 1910 during Dutch Colonialism’s occupation.

Wander through cocoa and clove plantations with a volcano backdrop on Java’s Ijen plateau. Meet the locals, visit rubber factories and relax in tropical gardens. You’ll stay in Kalibaru, a welcoming village surrounded by some of Java’s most scenic plantations. You’ll take a walk through the fields with a local guide, learning dozens of uses for tea and getting a feel for daily life. Afterwards, simply relax in the beautiful gardens of your cosy hotel. It’s a chance to take both a sunny breather and a dip in the pool.

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For the “river lover”,  enjoy the view to the Kalibaru river that laid of Kalibaru village. The spectacular for background, its background of lush, deep garden mahogany forest and Menyan Hill beyond.

Usually, many tourists do not only spend their time in Kalibaru, they will continue this adventure to Sukamade Turtle Beach in Meru Betiri Reservation Area. Also you may continue to the famous Ijen Crater, or through teak forest to Baluran Area. The Baluran National Park is one of the Indonesian National Parks located in East Java which is home and heaven for wild and endangered animals.

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How to get there :

It has ease of access from Bali, which us just 6 hours drive plus crosssing the narrow Bali Strait to Banyuwangi. And from Surabaya can be reached either by train or car. Trip from Surabaya to Kalibaru takes 6 hours.

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