Kandui Villas, Mentawai Island

This is the Mentawais experience, but not as you know it. Kandui Villas provides unparalleled luxury, decadence and extravagance at the world’s premier, remote surfing haven. Kandui Villas is simply the next level of luxury surf travel in one of the most remote regions on the planet. Created by the founder of Kandui Resort, Kandui Villas® is situated on Karangmajet Island, directly in front of Kandui left, and Baby Kandui, in the middle of the surf mecca known as ‘Playgrounds’.

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Kandui Villas offer accommodations in twelve private bungalows known in the Mentawai as umas. These umas are made of the finest quality local hardwoods. Intelligently designed, the umas combine traditional Mentawai craftsmanship with modern day luxury and amenities. Each uma is hand carved to a unique theme, inspired by natural surroundings.

The spacious two story restaurant is next to the swimming pool and connected by a wooden deck to a bar, games room and palapa.

The Kandui Villas menu features local seafood plus a variety of Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, American, and Indonesian cuisine. Meals feature organically-grown vegetables from a massive greenhouse on the property.


Inspiration at Kandui Villas comes from providing a place on the edge of the jungle and the sea, where a surf traveler feels comfortable and confident enough to bring their significant other and family. Kandui Villas offer the only infinity pool in Western Sumatra, as well as a restaurant, bar, game room and spa. Another outstanding feature at Kandui Villas includes fresh organic vegetables grown in an Eco-friendly garden to compliment plenty of locally caught seafood on the menu.

Whether you choose to surf the world’s best waves, engage and any number of activities or just relax and enjoy yourself, Kandui Villas will not disappoint.

You’re going to be on an island. In fact, you’re going to be on an island lying within a chain of several wave rich islands and the built in necessity of moving between said islands from time to time. Guests here have access to their speed boat that gets you from Padang to the Kandui Villas, so you’ll get the chance to cruise through the 90-mile channel in absolute style. Remember, nobody said you have to rough it in order to score the best waves of your life.

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