Kaolin Lake, Belitung

An array of land holes with colored water was appealing from the aircraft’s window, as it entered the Belitung Regency area. Belitung Island is not only about its beaches. Here, there are also other tourism objects not to be missed, such as Lake Kaolin. The man-made lake, turned from a mining ground holes, is located in Air Raya Village, Tanjung Pandan. It offers you sand stretching from the east to the west, all in a three hectares area of land.

kaolin lake 5

At a glance, Kaolin is similar to the white crater of Ciwidey, Bandung. However, the water in this lake is much clearer and brighter. When the weather is clear, tourists can see the reflection of the clouds from the lake’s surface. The crystal-clear Kaolin water occurred as the bottom of the lake is based on white color, added with the reflection of the sun. The white clouds moving above have added the exoticism of the spot.

Anyone would barely be patient to swim when looking at the clear lake water. Unfortunately, you cannot.  The sand-based land in this location is quite fragile, as it is easily eroded. Visitors have to pay attention when they walk.

kaolin lake 4

This artificial lake used to be a regular land turned white as it contains kaolinite. Due to years of kaolinite mining, 2 to 10 meter holes were formed. The holes were then covered by rain water, and a lake was formed.  Water from Lake Kaolin is used by locals to shower. However, the water is not drinkable because of its kaolinite exposure. The kaolinite powder itself is used as a mixture for floors, ceramics and cosmetic ingredients.

When rainy season hits, the lake will turn murky, changing its color to dark blue. Kaolin Lake is located six kilometres from Tanjung Pandan city, where tourists may reach the location by renting a car or motorcycle.

kaolin lake 3

The perfect time to visit this location is during the dry season, which is from April to September.

In order to get the perfect beautiful photo-moment, people should come when the sun is bright, at around 10.00 to 15.00 WIB. The sunrise is also as fascinating to be immortalized with the camera lens. Aside from becoming a tourist destination, Kaolin Lake is often used as a background for pre-wedding photo-shoots.

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