Keliki Village Trekking & Traditional Balinese Cooking Class

Bali, famous for its cascading rice fields and sacred volcanoes, sits in the middle of the second most bio-diverse country in the world. With all these natural riches, Indonesia is also the world’s fourth most populated country. Enjoy the Balinese countryside, learn about rice farming and irrigation, traditional medicinal plants and also about a traditional Balinese art style called Keliki paintings.

Journey through the heart of Ubud where the ancient Balinese village of Keliki lies, the local families may invite you to view their traditional farming practises. Some farmers are preparing their fields for planting, some carry large bundles of cuttings on their heads; others are bent over like sturdy tables, planting small saplings as they stand in knee-deep water. The wonderful thing about Keliki Village, is we’re far enough away to be off the tourist radar but within easy reach of the famous tourist town.

A 30-minute drive north of Ubud, in the Keliki Valley, you will find yourself surrounded by full panoply of nature – sunbeams shoot through cascades of leaves, neon-blue butterflies prance by in trains of four or five, frogs ribbit, cicadas chirp, birds warble and trill.

Beyond the paddies, your tour guide will introduce you to the farmers and the methods they use to grow a multitude of other plants, vanilla, coffee, peppers, and spices you use every day. This trek, through narrow mud paths between flooded or green rice fields, usually starts just north of Ubud in the village of Sakti, and winds its way through rice fields, and rural villages.

Your immersive Balinese experience ends by discovering exotic Balinese traditional cuisine at the end of your trekking journey. Join us to cook a range of Balinese dishes using a traditional method. Expect a very hands-on, communal cooking experience during which you will grind spices and chillies on a large stone grinder, chop ingredients, and wrap fish in banana leaves.

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