NewEarth Haven Bali

For the past year, Ubudians of a certain mind-set have been whispering about NewEarth Haven Bali, an experiential space in the rice fields of Keliki where free-spirited people gather for ecstatic dance sessions, holistic healing workshops and short or long-term getaways in bio architecture eco domes designed specifically to increase vibration energy.

The home of the NewEarth festival – the NewEarth Haven, just outside of Ubud in Bali, is a truly unique and special space. NewEarth Havens are retreat-like developments across the world, back dropped against the beauty of idyllic natural en­virons, which serve as stepping- stones toward the creation of NewEarth Communities. Every Haven possesses a strong emphasis on aesthetic beauty, cultural infusion, well-being, playful exploration of conscious commerce, and the conscious engendering of creative-community spirit. The Haven comprises of Villa Akasha, Akasha Restaurant and a number of smaller eco-domes used for accommodation. Below we explore the philosophy behind the structures at the Haven that we will inhabit over the festival and the permaculture garden, which will be feeding the visitors. 

Designed by former rock musician Sacha Stone, NewEarth Haven Bali aims to be more than just a gathering spot and accommodation option, but rather what Sacha calls, “a source code for a new kind of civilization model”.

When Sacha first came across the NewEarth Haven Bali site 11 years ago, he knew that this was where he wanted to build a retreat. However, being deeply committed to conscious living, he didn’t want to create just another cookie-cutter retreat, but rather a special space that would integrate with the natural environment, promote physical and mental well being, and be a community hub for his NewEarth Nation movement.

To bring his vision to life, Sacha teamed up with bio architect Juan Schlosser, and together they used principles of sacred geometry, feng shui and the patterns and systems that exist in nature to create harmonious living spaces that allow air, light and energy to flow freely.

Eschewing the tin can model, Sacha and Juan built Villa Akasha, the main dwelling with a separate geodesic dome, Akasha Restaurant with a shisha lounge, juice bar and pizza oven, the bio domes surrounded by working rice fields, and an organic permaculture garden to supply the restaurant with fresh ingredients for healthy plant-based cuisine.

With this infrastructure in place, NewEarth Haven Bali was officially born as the first ‘on-the-ground’ community hub for the NewEarth Project, an open platform that Sacha hopes will unite humanity in the shared goal of in ushering in a new era of planetary wellbeing, peace and prosperity.

For those who wish to join the NewEarth Haven Bali community, they host a number of events every month including celebrations of music, dance and art, workshops with wisdom keepers and healers, discussion panels about science, arts, architecture and politics, yoga classes and more. The eco domes are also available as nightly bookings and timeshares, and Villa Akasha can be rented by the night.

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