North Toraja sand dunes, Sulawesi

The Pabuiyan sand dunes of North Toraja, South Sulawesi, offer an alternative to the dunes of Yogyakarta.  Its relatively hilly with a dense texture, making it different from the flat-surfaced sand dunes of Yogyakarta. Being in exotic location with amazing sand dunes contour is such a a pleasant galore to the eyse. Not only that, visitors can also feel the sensation of sliding on the sand dunes. Pabuiyan Sandbanks offer natural phenomena sunrise with panorama of Toraja as the backdrop that make us forget the hectic life we all going through.

The sand dunes formed by a natural process dominated by the wind, which brought sand from other areas and blew against the dunes from different directions, creating asymmetrical patterns, hence the curvy and terraced mountain look. The North Toraja sand dunes located in two different locations. In December 2016 locals discovered the first location in front of Toraja Jemaat To’ Sapang church in Rantebua Salanggi, Rantebua village.

In September of last year, another sand dune also discovered in Buntu Rondo, also in Rantebua village, has gain popularity. To reach the dunes, visitors must park their vehicles in a designated area and walk around 50 meters.

The sand dunes are a great place to enjoy sunrise and sunset, while sipping tea or coffee bought from vendors on site. Visitors are permitted to slide on the dunes or set up camp, although tents are not provided.

Located about 30 kilometers away from Rantepao town in North Toraja regency, the Sumalu sand dunes can be reached via car or motorbike. En route to the sand dunes are never ending views of hills and traditional villages with cool breeze can be expected upon arrival.

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