Organic Bajawa coffee, Flores

Flores is a small island (360 km from tip to tip) in the Indonesian archipelago around 200 nautical miles East of Bali. Flores was known as Pulau Nipa (Snake Island) before the Portuguese arrived and they renamed it Flores (Flower Island) for the beautiful coral gardens that surround it. The Portuguese influence has also made Flores a predominately Catholic island. The island of Komodo, just to the west, is home to the world’s largest lizard – the Komodo Dragon.

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A very long thin Mountainous land with incredibly diverse terrain, and numerous active and inactive volcanic peaks. The Bajawa Highlands are one of the most traditional areas of Flores. Bajawa is a small town nestled in the hills and is the centre for the Ngada people of this high, fertile plateau of mt. Inerie. The coffee is grown between 1200 and 1600 meters in fertile organic soil, Most of the production is grown under shade trees and wet processed at farm level. Befitting its name, coffee from Flores is known for sweet chocolate aroma, almost syrup, heavy body, low acidity, floral and woody notes.

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Indonesian Goverment now doing some counseling to all Flores Coffee farmers. They teach how to process export quality coffee, so Bajawa coffee can be known as the one of the best Indonesian Coffee in the world. Most of Bajawa Coffee use organic plantation. Arabica Flores Bajawa Coffee has unique taste and aroma. Bajawa coffee also has unique green bean color and body. Usually Bajawa coffee green bean has yellow color, and has big screen size of bean. Our Flores Bajawa Coffee has some strong Chocolaty taste, with clean after taste.    

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Flores coffee has now been exported almost throughout the world. Most exports to the United States. Americans and Europeans really like strong coffee flavor. This year demand Flores Bajawa coffee exports to the United States reaches 1000 tons, but we could only fulfill export as much as 300 tons. Not only America, coffee Flores also hunted by Europe, but we have not been able to meet all their requests because it is still very limited amount.

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