Pinge Tourism Village, Tabanan – Bali

Desa Wisata Pinge (Pinge Tourism Village) in Tabanan regency – is one of the villages selected by the Bali Tourism Office to feature in their line-up of Retirement Villages. The village is ensconced in the Tabanan hinterlands, 600 meters high in the mountains of Bedugul, about 40 km north of Denpasar and 18 km from Tabanan city. Its location takes advantage of splendid mountain views and a serene rural environment.

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A 1-kilometer road running in a North-South direction divides the village with some 160 groups or individual family compounds on either side of the street. The compounds are laid out in the traditional way with the buildings oriented towards the 4 cardinal directions. Most of the villagers are rice, vegetable and flower farmers and the environment is strictly rural with all the magnificent and healthy benefits of vacationing in a pristine and unpolluted environment. The village is eager to welcome elderly visitors and is actively gearing up with the necessary infrastructure to provide basic and modest accommodations. In total there are 60 rooms available for visitors.

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Guests are housed either in separate Balinese style pavilions with comfortable sleeping quarters and ensuite bathrooms that make up part of a traditional family compound, or individual home stay rooms where the more adventurous can share living quarters with the family in a more integrated environment. Internet and mobile connections are available. Though there is no restaurant in the village, guests are served 3 daily meals by the families with whom they reside. They can also buy snacks at a couple of small ‘warungs’ (street vendors) dotted around the village. Guest activities are organized so that visitors can participate in ‘subak’ walking tours, trekking further afield, and day driving excursions to surrounding attractions like Bedugul, lake Bratan and the Jatiluwih ricefieds. Guests are also encouraged to participate in everyday farming activities such as rice planting, plowing and harvesting.

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Pinge is  regularly hosts passing tours for a daytime visit or an overnight stopover. It is ideal for a weekend break and even for longer vacations which gives a much better feel for daily life in a Balinese environment. Nearby attractions are plentiful: the famously beautiful rice terraces of Jatiluwih, the Angseri Hot Springs with 5 natural bathing pools and a warm water swimming pool, the Bedugul Botanic Gardens and Bali Treetop Adventure Park, the National Monument of Margarana honoring the brave soldiers that fought against the Dutch colonies.

From a tourism perspective Pinge is highly authentic. The village and its people preserve Bali’s original heritage. Frequent activities in the village include dance, music, ceremonies, and wood carving. The emphasis is placed on exploring Pinge’s natural and cultural resources and its unspoilt environs.

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