Potato Head Studios Bali to open with long-stay options

This summer, don’t miss the chance to stay, create and play at OMA-designed Potato Head Studios, Seminyak, Bali 

Are you tired of working at home? Has the creativity juice stops flowing? Desa Potato Head offers the perfect remedy for your work from home burnout. The beachfront creative village in Seminyak is the perfect destination to stay, create and play. It is made up of Potato Head Beach Club, a 168- room Potato Head Studios and a myriad of “good times, do good” facilities as well as activities.

Guests can access the Sustainism Lab for waste educational workshops; Studio Eksotika, a curated library, listening lounge and co-working centre and join Sweet Potato Project farming initiative in sharing nourishing food to the local community. Designed in partnership with David Gianotten at OMA, the village aims to challenge the notion of “exclusive enjoyment, detached from the life of the local community”. True to the vernacular ethos, the building is outfitted with local, recycled and sustainable materials. Handcrafted pieces made by small-scale local artisans can be found throughout the complex and in the studios.

Whether you wish to Escape for Two Nights or Escape Forever, you are invited to find the balance between work, play and rest. Opt for Sunrise, Bamboo and Desa Studios with its adjoining work station where you can comfortably work while social distancing. Alternatively, book the Oceanfront Studio for stunning view from your private balcony. Start the day with yoga flow session, daily breakfast and enjoy short breaks in between conference calls with a dip at the pool. Treat yourself with tasty Indonesian meal at Kaum or enjoy a sip of craft cocktail at Potato Head Beach Club at the end of the day.

Desa Potato Head adheres to hygiene and sanitation protocols. PCR tests can be conducted in-house.

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