Pulo Cinta Eco Resort, Sulawesi (Celebes)

Known as the Island of Spices, Celebes was once the epitome of Dutch trading route. There were days, its port was crowded with ships and people from far away lands. It was the time of war, when a young Prince of Gorontalo met the beautiful daughter of a Dutch trader. Among the bloodshed and gun powder, against everything they are born into – their forbidden love bloomed in agony. Hidden in the night, under the stars, Pulo Cinta was their secret escape. There, they can be lovers, far from everything that separates them.

Indulge in Indonesia’s hidden paradise. Revive in luxury of nature and own a life-changing experience of your own. Enter a wonderful journey in the islands of Boalemo. Walk off the beaten path and discover a world of exotic beauty in Celebes hidden corners.


1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Villas : All the luxury villas are built above the water surrounding the island – providing you with panoramic views of Pulo Cinta’s pristine beach.

Dine & Wine

Food is a tasteful blend of nature, culture and love. Our culinary concept goes back to the root of Celebes exotic flavours. Embracing the flavorful of its exotic spices and the richness of its sea – every dish is picked fresh from the nature, and cooked with love to perfection.


Adventure abounds, as you explore the surroundings. Pulo Cinta is nestled among 23 inhabited islands in the Gulf of Tomini, the hidden gems of North Sulawesi. Take your pick, run the unspoiled beaches, or dip into the richness of world’s coral triangle.
o   Island hopping & exploration
o   Water sports
o   Conservation programs
o   Honeymoon package

Explore Boalemo

Nature, culture, people – is what made Pulo Cinta experience so special. Sit with People of Suku Bajo, the ancient sea gypsies and listen to their wonderous lores. Walk the village of Boalemo, the locals will enriched you with local wisdom and how to live with the nature.
o   Greet The Sea Gypsies, Suku Bajo
o   Trekking and jungle exploration
o   Meet Yaki (Crested Black Macaques)
o   Boalemo sightseeing tour

Underwater Discovery

Explore the sea of life. Dip into Boalemo’s crystal clear waters and witness the beauty of world’s coral triangle. Pulo Cinta is surrounded with pristine dive sites that awaits to be discovered.
o   Scuba Diving
o   Discovery Scuba
o   Coral conservation activity

How to get there

Nestled among the inhabited islands of Tomini Gulf – a sea rich in biodiversity, a land blessed with lush rainforest and pristine beaches. Begin your trip with a flight to Jalaluddin Airport, Gorontalo Province of Sulawesi. Our exclusive airport pick-up will be waiting for your arrival and ready to take you further into an exciting journey to Pulo Cinta.

From Jakarta, fly to Gorontalo. There are more than 30 flights by domestic airlines available every day. Sit back for an exciting 2-hours road trip to Boalemo Regency. Enjoy the ride along the small town of Gorontalo and its lush, tropical sceneries.

Departing from Boalemo Harbour, get ready for a 25 minutes of breathtaking views from the boat that takes you to the hidden paradise – Pulo Cinta.

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