Inside luxurious Hoshinoya Resort Bali

Hoshino Resorts is known for delivering curated experiences that show the best that Japan has to offer. Previously only operating in Japan, they’ve made their first stride abroad with Hoshinoya Bali in Ubud.

Tucked away amidst the lush rainforests of Bali, in the hills surrounding the tourist hub of Ubud, a new resort is setting itself up as a haven of peaceful, culturally flavoured luxury. Hoshinoya Bali sits on the banks of the River Pakerisan – one of the island’s holiest waterways – and draws on this location to introduce guests to the verdant Balinese landscape, as well as the distinctive local culture, cuisine and architecture.

Water is a recurrent motif throughout the resort, and its most notable feature is undoubtedly the three canal-like swimming pools, which intersect the ‘village’ and branch off into smaller, semi-private pools beside each of the 30 villas, screened by floating gardens. These two-storey accommodations have been built by local craftsmen in distinctive Balinese style, with wide open spaces that harmonise with the surrounding environment. This is most notable in the gazebos: locally inspired shelters from the sweltering Bali heat, which have been built using alang-alang (sacred grass). Inside, intricate carvings depicting scenes of natural harmony adorn the walls and furniture.

Dining at Hoshinoya Bali is an informal affair, with guests able to take their meals in their villas, or else in one of the treetop dining areas. Of these, Café Gazebo is a comfortable space with low sofas and a relaxed atmosphere; Banjar is a lofty dining terrace overlooking the jungle.The cuisine is Balinese, with extensive use of local ingredients and spices. But it is fused with the culinary methods of Japan (due to its Japanese owners), with emphasis placed on the careful preparation and presentation of dishes.

For relaxation, a spa offers treatments that incorporate natural ingredients, as well meditation sessions and yoga in both the morning and evening.

The resort is the latest addition to the Hoshinoya Brand, a collection of luxury properties from Japanese hospitality firm Hoshino Resort. Prior to now, the company has operated exclusively in Japan, with properties in Tokyo, Kyoto and Mount Fuji, among others. Hoshinoya Bali is their first opening abroad.

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