Ruteng Spider Web Rice Fields, Flores

Head toward Ruteng, a pleasantly cool town located up in the western hills. Around 17km west of Ruteng lies an even smaller town named Cancar – you’ll have the most amazing view over spectacularly intricate spider web rice fields from the Cara Villa in Cancar.

Ruteng is one of the most fertile place in Nusa Tenggara. Few kilometers from Ruteng, there is a rural called Cancar, which also become an area of rice fields. Unlike common rice fields in Indonesia (and the rest of the world), the rice field in Cancar, Ruteng is very unique. When viewed up close, it is just similar to common rice field. However, when viewed from above, the paddy fields in Cancar look like a spider web. Lucky that Cancar is surrounded by hills, so we got a best place to see the spider web rice fields.

This spider web rice field is a customary tradition Manggarai Regency society in terms of the distribution of paddy fields and gardens called Lingko. Lingko is customary land that is owned together by the society, then shared individually and used them together to meet society’s need. Customary land is distributed to members of society in accordance with custom. Lingko was named after the plant species when opening the Lingko land. Or it could also be the name of a river near Lingko when Lingko was opened.

First of all, the division of lands is done by determining the center point (called the Teno/Lodok). At the center point, they put some on it. From that point, they drag a line away from the center, and then the land is divided to the members of the society. The distribution of the land is determined by the status of a person in the village and the number of families. The higher one’s position and the greater the number of family members, the greater the soil they get. Accidentally, the division of this lands forms a spider web when viewed from above.

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  1. Sandra Ho

    Would like to visit Ruteng spider web and villages. Where to stay and are there luxurious accommodation and tours & other interesting to visit beside? How to get there from Singapore

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