Scenic Cycling Tour in Bali

Watch the morning unfold in the scenic countryside, wash your face in pure spring water, and listen to farmers and wind instruments whirring away, deterring birds from ripening crops of rice. Does this all sound too good to be true? Well, believe it or not, it happens in Bali.

Get on a bicycle and explore the amazing culture and countryside of Bali. Visit an organic farm and marvel at lush Balinese plantations and rice paddies. Touch intricate wood and stone carving in small villages and hear the melodious sounds of a traditional gamelan wafting over the fields. Discover village temples and see how the local farmers use traditional irrigation and damming systems on their rice terraces. Enjoy traditional Balinese food that will have you come back for seconds and be mesmerized by the gorgeous mountain views.

Cycling tours offer you to enjoy Bali’s volcanoes, traditional villages, and the rice fields on a different way. Experience the beautiful countryside and traverse downhill to see some of the most amazing scenery on a mountain bike. Trace the heart of Bali, feel the beat of the life style of local people, learn from the heritage wisdom of ancient ancestors.

We can arrange various tours throughout the island and can design them to meet every requirement, from a gentle cycle or an adrenaline challenge. The tours are particularly good for those travelling in groups and as a family, but are also suitable for couples. You will be picked up by your local guide and provided with excellent quality bikes and safety equipment. The group will have vehicle support throughout and the guide will proceed at a pace that suits all.

Possibly our favorites tour on the island is one that starts with an early morning pick up from your hotel in Ubud. You are driven to a beautiful spot overlooking Balinese mountain for breakfast before a downhill ride through lush tropical paddy fields, coffee plantations and a tour of a village temple. After a traditional lunch in a local village that provides a wonderful insight into the local Balinese way of life, you will be picked up and dropped back at your hotel.

 Guided Walking Tours

Step off of the main roads, and you begin to see a much more authentic side of Bali. If you know where to go, there are many trails that make their way over dramatic ridges and through the rice fields.

Please speak to one of our consultants about arranging the above tour, or one of the others that we can provide, and fitting it in to your wider holiday in Bali at

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