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While Gitgit is the most visited waterfall in Bali and Aling-Aling is the most fun waterfall, the Sekumpul waterfalls are often considered the most beautiful in Bali. Sekumpul means “a group of”, and there are 7 waterfalls here on the north side of Bali (further east of Lovina) that you can view. The drive is long and it takes a whole day, but you’ll barely meet other visitors there and the pure serenity that awaits you is unforgettable!


Sekumpul Waterfall is touted as the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. It is fairly close to Niagara Falls Lemukih, only about 2 km away. Understandably, the Village and Village Lemukih Sekumpul indeed neighbors. To see Sekumpul Waterfall close, it takes a bit of effort and struggle. From the parking lot, you have to walk quite far away, down a dirt road, down the hundreds of stairs, and across the river. When you ride a motorcycle, you can still ride from the parking lot (near the ticket window), to the end of the road paving. After paving the way out, the road turned into a narrow dirt road (footpath). Not long down the path, you arrived at a blank bale (gazebo) with Niagara Falls Sekumpul incredible lure. From the blank bale, seen Niagara Sekumpul very pretty in the distance. That makes this waterfall is different from most waterfalls, Niagara Sekumpul not just made up of one or two waterfalls. There are at least seven waterfalls are located separate and apart, you can see from the blank bale. Seven waterfalls scattered in the high cliffs and surrounded by green trees soothes the eye. Seventh waterfall has a shape and a different height. Absolutely amazing. Not one did, when Niagara Sekumpul crowned as the most beautiful waterfall in Bali.

It’s not entirely unknown, but its inaccessibility renders it to be hidden from many visitors. Getting to the waterfall is very difficult, and you must travel down many slippery steps and across a river to see the falls close-up.

The fact that these waterfalls are so isolated means they have hardly been touched by tourism, and this means that visitors who make the effort to get here are rewarded by getting to enjoy something truly unique. There is a small restaurant right beside the waterfall with a small fishing pool beside it where visitors can attempt to catch their own dinner. There is a short route and long route to the waterfall, and the latter takes over two hours but it offers a better chance to explore the jungle.

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The hike – From the entrance you will navigate through a small village with several shops and after about 10-15 minutes you will arrive at the main viewpoint. You might need to verify that you are going the correct way but it isn’t very difficult.  Those not wanting to hike down to the river (and then back up) can stop at the spectacular viewpoint. The hike isn’t very long but it drops 100 meters of elevation in <1km. You will pass a couple of other viewpoints before reaching a newly built (2013) bridge at the river.

Also visible from the viewpoint to the right is Lemukih Waterfalls (Seven Point Waterfalls). After the 2nd ticket station at the river (to Lemukih district) it is a short walk to the end of the small gorge. You will have to cross the river twice.  It is easiest but not necessary to wear a hiking sandal instead of shoes.  Flip flops are not recommended for the stairs (slippery if wet). This would be considered a very spectacular waterfall if the larger and even more amazing Sekumpul Waterfall wasn’t so close. At the end of the small gorge there are 3 waterfalls (the middle is visible from the viewpoint) that surround you in a surreal way.

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You will need to retrace your steps back to ticket station and follow the trail to the right to go to Sekumpul Waterfall instead of re-crossing the bridge. It will take about 5 minutes to get to the base of the waterfall. On sunny days there is a chance of a large rainbow in the mist and the swimming is excellent.

After Sekumpul Waterfall retrace your steps to the bridge and you can take the path to the left for a different route up to Sekumpul Village. There are 3 drink stands on the way up to rest at. The path merges into the main path.

How to get there

Sekupul Waterfall is located in Buleleng and is about 11 km (7 miles) from Lovina and about 80 km (50 miles) from Denpasar.

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