Sidemen Cycling: East Bali’s Countryside Charm at Sidemen Village

From Bali’s well-known islands, we reveal some hidden treasures

Rice terraces, volcano views and jungle-tangled gorges make sleepy Sidemen feel like the Bali that time forgot. There’s not a great deal to do in this rambling district in the foothills of Mount Agung, and it’s a fair old schlep from the tourist meccas of Ubud, Seminyak, Nusa Dua and Canggu, but that’s rather the point. Wander through the rice paddies to a temple or two, get lost on the web of shady paths that weave their way through the woodlands, or simply soak in the staggering views of Bali’s sacred mountain, Gunung Agung on a bike.

Bali is prime biking land. Island of the Gods boasts green rice fields, lush valleys, towering mountains and unique temples. And you can be a part of all that in just one day of cycling. Pedal up and down the terrain of East Bali and be treated to amazing sites that will leave you in awe scores of unforgettable moments.

You will cycle through valleys of uninterrupted rice terrace views, see plantations bearing a variety of crops, pass fighting cocks in baskets, and experience the daily life of the Balinese. Some well-trodden footpaths meander through the rice fields. With plenty of intoxicating views, crags and rivers to cross, and a smattering of temples, this is a rambler’s paradise.

In Sidemen (pronounced Si-da-men), a walk in any direction is a communion with nature. Winding through one of Bali’s most beautiful river valleys, the road to this hilltop village offers marvellous paddy-field scenery, a delightful rural character and extraordinary views of Gunung Agung (when the clouds permit).

German artist Walter Spies lived in this part of Bali for some time from 1932 in order to escape the perpetual party of his own making in Ubud. Later the Swiss painter Theo Meier, nearly as famous as Spies for his influence on Balinese art, lived in the same house. These days, tourists head here to get away from the bustle of the island’s larger towns and hike the scenic countryside

Situated at the foothills of the majestic Mount Agung, Sidemen Village invites travellers to experience a rural side of Bali; agricultural life with refreshing green views. The village is surrounded by rice farms, making the village are entitled to ‘Ubud: 20 years ago’. Well, that title was popular a while ago, yet seems still relevant as we speak.

More than just an exotic playground, the island is blessed with fertile plains and virginal rainforest, with the mountainous terrain and deep-blue waters of the Indonesian Ocean offering huge scope for both on and off-land excursions. Whether it is cycling adventure, ocean excursions or just plain out relaxation, Top Indonesia’s got you covered.

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