Sipora Island, Mentawai

Sipora Island is one of the four main islands in the Mentawai Islands, as well as the smallest of the four islands. Sipora Island is among the Pagai Islands and Siberut Island, Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra. Having an area of ​​845 km2 also has 10-15% of fresh and natural rainforest.

Although it is the smallest island but Sipora Island is the most strategic place and adequate in the Mentawai Islands, in Sipora Island there is district capital Tua Pejat. The majority of residents in Sipora Island are working as farmers and fishermen.

Sipora Island 2

A major tourist attraction of the place is surfing. You will find another sensation when surfing at this Place. The large number of points and various types of the waves make this place is perfect for surfing.

Take a journey and escape the pressures and obligations of daily life and immerse yourself in the island rhythm of a unique and remarkably unspoiled corner of the globe. Join in for a once in a lifetime experience amongst world class waves set in a culturally rich and spectacularly beautiful location. Besides surfing you can also enjoy the stunning scenery on the island, there are also other activities such as snorkeling and diving. You will also know the life of the tribes in the Mentawai Islands and surrounding areas.

The natural beauty of the Mentawai islands is the stage for what has become a mecca for surfers around the world, and with a dream location in front of Lances Left on the southern tip of Sipora island, those tantalizing and seemingly out of reach fantasies of surfing breathtakingly perfect waves can become a reality! Fishing and snorkeling are catered for as well as a wide and varying range of activities on land. For the culturally curious, the local village provides a window into the lives of a race and people with a very different lifestyle to what most of us are familiar with. Get to know the  friendly neighbours and hosts by joining in a woodcarving or weaving lesson under a palm tree or get involved in the daily volleyball match in the village.

Sipora Island

One of the things that made this island famous and get tourist attractiveness is because there are many spot are very good for surfing. There are some world-class surfings points, Lance’s Left and Hollow Trees are some of the attractive things for surfers located on the southern tip of the island of Sipora. Other types of waves that are not less interesting are theTelescopes, Iceland, and Scarecrows are located in the northwestern part of the island.

Hollow Trees or Lance’s right is a cylindrical wave (known as the right tube) that is the most interesting part in Sipora Island by professional surfers. There have been many magazines, blog or video that shows the beauty of the waves in this Sipora Island. Beside Hollow Trees there is also Lance’s Left in the southern part of the Sipora Island. It is a kind of strong waves and most consistent in Sipora Island and surrounding areas.

Scarecrows is suitable for intermediate level surfers. Scarecrows are the kind of waves that form the wall wave of the left zone which is then spliced with fast rolling barrels.

The best time to surf is in the months of April to October. The height of the waves will reach the highest peak and will certainly make your adrenaline to the higher level.

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How to Get There:

You can use a small plane and landed there at the Sipora Island Airport. Most people prefer to use a boat or speed boat to get there because it is cheaper. If using a boat, you will get to the Siberut Island first and then you can go to Sipora Island or other islands in the Mentawai Islands. If using a speed boat you will take around 4 hours from Padang to Siberut Island.

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