Spiritual journey to Sebatu Temple, a holy spring water temple

Sebatu village, part of a bigger area of the same name, is highly regarded among the Balinese not only for its painted wood sculpture but also for its dances, music and classical dance customs. Easily explored on foot, the village is laid out on grid of three north- south streets, with the temples and bale banjar (community pavilion) at the northern end. The bathing springs are worth seeing, as is the carp filled spring pool in the northwest corner. In the center of the pool is an attractive shrine. There are some interesting sculptures, some of them old and some new, among the small, colorfully painted pavilions in the central courtyard.

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The beautiful and attractive Sebatu Temple exuding uniqueness can become your spiritual tourist destination. Armed with beautiful and natural scenery as well as crystal clear water, you will perceive truly magical atmosphere upon entering the temple courtyard. As the story by word of mouth, the Sebatu Temple is very sacred and magical. It has begun to be opened to general public some time ago. To reach the temple area, visitors have to step down some concrete stairs because the temple is perched right on a river bank.

According to the priest of Dalem Pingit Sebatu Temple, the springs coming out of the cliff posed the venue of purification rite, cleansed all the impurities within the body and spirit. Miracles and the uniqueness of the springs were discovered on November 19, 2007. They could change color when people were showering. It would change into red, muddy, yellow and other colors in accordance with the karmic condition of the people showering.

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Meanwhile, the ban was applied to women being in their period, people in cuntaka period or temporarily impure due the death of family members and children before falling out their teeth. When wishing to do purification rite, simply prepare a banten pejati, kwangen with 11 perforated coins as well as blue water lily and gardenia flower. Every full moon, new moon, Kajeng Kliwon (encounter of the tree and five-day week in Balinese calendar) and other holy days, the local temple is of service.

Procedures of the purification rite are first preceded with offering the banten pejati in the shrine and invoke for God’s blessing. Then, say prayers by using the kwangen oblation. Having got holy water, the kwangen is brought down to location of the purification rite. Afterward, put it between the eyebrows, and after sprinkled with holy water the kwangen is removed.

Purification rite at the location was not only performed by Hindu community in Bali, but also by people from Kalimantan, Sumatra and Java. Even, many non-Hindu communities and foreign tourists also came here.
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We have listed our recommended spiritual destinations in Bali other than Sebatu Temple which features:

  1. Tampak Siring and the Pakiresan Valley, extraordinary sites in this proposed World Heritage Area, with visits to many 1,000-year old sites.
  2. Gunung Kawi and Pura Taman Ayun
  3. Batur Volcano and Lake.  
  4. Ceremonies and Offerings 
  5. Balinese healing journey – featuring special Balinese cultural and leaders and healers (must be arranged in advance; specific tour components are as available)

Location :

Sebatu village can be reached from Ubud district with a distance of about 12 miles or a 20-30 minute drive.  Sebatu Holy Water Spring is located in Banjar Sebatu, Sebatu Village, Tegallalang, Gianyar.  Approximately 40 Km from Denpasar City.  In a little valley on the western outskirts of Sebatu itself is the lovely spring temple Pura Gunung Kawi, not to be confused with the royal monuments and temple of the same name near Tampaksiring.

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