Sunset Picnic in Seminyak with John Hardy

World-renowned Balinese jewellery brand, John Hardy, continues their worldwide expansions. This time, they’re going back to where it all started with the opening of their unique boutique and kitchen concept in Bali’s bustling Seminyak neighbourhood.

Similar to all John Hardy boutiques, the Seminyak boutique celebrates artisanal techniques, evolving the model by introducing an exhibition space dedicated to emerging artists who interpret tradition in innovative ways. The store’s first installation includes an oversized, woven coconut-leaf sculpture by Make a Scene, a team of designers and expert weavers from Mengwi, that takes the storied craft to daring proportions. An additional installation is a Gamelatron, a bespoke sonic kinetic sculpture created by conceptual artist Aaron Taylor Kuffner, which transforms a thousand-year-old tradition Gamelan ensemble music tradition from Indonesia into a viscerally powerful, immersive experience that presents time-honored music in an exciting new format.

The boutique will also showcase John Hardy’s own master artisans as they engage in the brand’s signature chain-weaving process. Visitors are encouraged to join them and personally experience the meditative practice by adding a link to the table’s ever-evolving chain sculpture. Additionally, they can take a piece of John Hardy heritage with them in the form of a complimentary adjustable bracelet featuring a single link of the brand’s Classic Chain interwoven by thread, symbolizing community and connection. The boutique will also host workshops, seminars, and immersive experiences designed to more deeply introduce visitors to the rich creative traditions and diversity of Bali. Clients can also sign-up for the John Hardy Master Class, an intimate opportunity to work hands-on and create a custom piece of jewelry.

John Hardy is inspired by their daily tradition where 750 employees come together to share lunch as a family at Bali Workshop. They call it ‘The Long Table’. The John Hardy Seminyak Long Table offers you an evolving menu created in collaboration with Locavore – renowned local restaurant – highlighting farmers, fishers, and slow food artisans of Indonesia. You will feel the warmness of family vibe even when you’re sharing the table with your new connections. Sharing is caring!

The Jamu Bar offers a variety of cocktails inspired by traditional Indonesian herbal elixirs. While The Kitchen offers an assortment of easy dining sharing plates to enjoy at the bar as you watch the sunset or take time out with a friend. The best part of it all is that you can have the best of both worlds at John Hardy. You can choose master classes that you are interested in, whilst enjoying your healthy Jamu drinks at The Jamu Bar.

Meanwhile, the Master Class programs are also available. A rare opportunity to work in tandem with John Hardy’s master artisans and witness the intricate craftsmanship firsthand, as you customize your own piece of John Hardy jewelry. This intimate experience will include learning about John Hardy’s unique 8-step process including design and rendering your own back grill, carve the design in wax and try your hand at weaving our signature Classic Chain.

Also preview John Hardy’s latest collection and enjoy the shopping experience at Kapal Bamboo Boutique and Seminyak Boutique and Gallery.

The John Hardy Seminyak boutique is located near the W Hotel on Petitenget. The Boutique and Jamu Bar are open from 10 am – 10 pm. All Day Dining is available from 11 am – 9 pm, while the Long Table Lunch is only available for a limited time from 1 pm – 3pm.

Starting from 24 September 2021, John Hardy Boutique and Gallery at Seminyak invites you to have a picnic at its lawn 

Sunset Picnic

Artisanship, sustainability and community have always been the heart of Bali-based luxury jewellery brand, John Hardy. John Hardy Boutique and Gallery at Seminyak embodies those core values with a great aplomb. From the moment you step onto the entrance to the moment you sit on the grass with Kunyit Sour in hand, it offers an immersive journey through the archipelago’s age-old tradition, culture, food and design.

Sprawled behind the boutique, an expansive lawn with majestic red-bricked candi bentar gateway is transformed into an outdoor picnic spot. Starting 24 September 2021, you are invited to drink, nibble and savour life’s little pleasures with your nearest and dearest every Friday, from 5pm to 7pm

With rattan tables, seagrass cushions and hand-woven pandan mats, John Hardy Sunset Picnic experience offers a relaxing way to start the weekend. The Jamu Bar’s head mixologist Joko Pratomo has prepared a selection of its well-known jamu-inspired cocktails. Opt for refreshing shaken Cemcem Fizz with its lime juice, spiced rum, bianco vermouth and homemade coconut soda or go with JH Aperol Spritz and Kunyit Sour. The latter is a tribute to Bali’s artisan spirit, arak and craftily made from turmeric juice, tamarind, lime, sugar and shaken with egg white.

Chef Tomy Saputra and his kitchen team showcase their expertise in simple and tasty Indonesian snacks. From addictive Bali Popcorn with its umami bumbu seasoning to Martabak made of beef, kimchi and smoked egg gulai emulsion, the picnic is a gourmet delight to excite your senses

About John Hardy

Inspired by Bali and its time-honored jewelry-making traditions, Canadian artist John Hardy established an artisan collective in 1975, dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind jewelry and preserving the rich heritage of Bali. For over 40 years, our artisans have committed to making handcrafted jewelry with techniques passed down for generations, using vetted suppliers to ensure both diamonds and gemstones conform to our high ethical standards, as well as reclaimed silver and gold. Our passion for creating distinctive and meaningful jewelry is echoed by our dedication to building a sustainable future for our artisans and clients worldwide.

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