Surfing Destination: Ekas Reef, Lombok

Situated not far from Kuta, Ekas Bay is home to a couple waves that are quite user friendly in compared to a lot of other Indonesian waves. Outside Ekas is a long, hollow wall that breaks left under a cliff face. This wave is for the more experienced surfer as there is a lot of water moving and the wave is quite powerful.

Chaotic, powerful left that shifts and jumps around the line-up below steep cliffs at the eastern headland. Consistently drags in far more swell than Inside Ekas, the high speed walls and odd tuck section can get really long at size, when it becomes an advanced surfers break. Currents are strong and hold-downs are long, plus there’s sea-life. Ekas is on the Bali-Sumbawa charter route so can get a crowd, bolstered by local boat traffic from Awang or even Kuta.

Going from the westside to the southeast corner of Lombok takes us to another commonly frequented surf spot–Ekas Bay. Reachable by both boat and motorbike, the pristine bay has untold wave potential.  However, if you’re planning on riding a bike, be prepared for a mission. Unmarked, winding roads through rice fields and dense thickets make it a challenge to find the two surf spots, Inside and Outside Ekas. Both waves are of good quality for very different reasons.

Insides is a long, machine-like and “shreadable” right-hander. While the peak can be shifty, the spot produces essentially the same wave over and over again. The first section lines up beautifully, allowing time for at least a couple of good turns. When the wave hits the shallower, inside section, and if the swell is large enough, it is also possible to get a quick tube ride. Overall, the inside is a quality wave for intermediate and advanced riders. Ideal swells for this dry-season spot originate out of the southwest and offshore winds blow from the east. It’s best on a rising tide. The right is a high quality wave, particularly on low tide, suitable for advanced surfers. The left winds down the reef at high tide, a softer wave ideal for the less experienced surfer who wants a classic long ride. Both short and long boards are suitable on the left. The ride is longer at Ekas, but the left wave is like the well-known Grupuk peak, which has attracted many surfers from all over the world, particularly Japanese visitors.

If you’re stoked about 400 meter paddles through unruly, churning water to arrive at unpredictable, heaving surf, then Outside Ekas is for you. The reef is very exposed and pulls in a lot of swell with accompanying rip currents. Be warned, be experienced. Outside Ekas is open to swells from the south, southwest and southeast. Ideal winds are southeasterly. The spot starts working here at 1.0 meters and it can hold up to 2.5 meters.

Also in front of the property are Lombok’s only beginner surfing waves. The left and right “sand bar” peak is ideal for learning to surf. We provide surfboards and surf lessons. Directly in front of the property, a classic wave winds down the reef on moderate swells making an easy left for long boarders or beginners.

The nearby “Southern Reefs” are really good in the wet season, or early mornings before the wind comes up in the dry. These reefs face straight into the swell and so they break nearly all the time. Hollow left and right peaks break in small swells. In large swells, one newly discovered hollow right winds over 800 m down the reef on the open coast.

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