Tarimbang Bay, Sumba island

Tarimbang is located in East Sumba regency, Sumba, Indonesia.  If you are a beach person, you will definitely be fascinated by the beauty of Sumba. The East Nusa Tenggara island, sandwiched between the Savu Sea to the north and east and the Indian Ocean to the south and west, boasts pristine white sandy beaches with dramatic backgrounds of rocky mountains and dense woodland. Some of its beaches have also been known as surfer’s paradise. Almost all of the beaches in Sumba are untouched by mass tourism. One of the reasons these beaches are safe is their remote locations.

There is no public transportation available and other tourist facilities, such as hotels, homestays or restaurants, are few and far between. But you should not let the lack of facilities deter you. The dramatic panorama and excitement you will experience at these pristine natural beauties are definitely worth the effort.

Tarimbang Bay is one of a few surfing spots in Sumba. It maybe less famous than Nihiwatu Beach Sumba which has been acclaimed as one of the world’s best beaches, but it would certainly impress fanatic surfers who look for hidden waves in Sumba. But even for a non-surfer, Tarimbang has something to offer. The pristine white sandy beach surrounded by lush green forest is perfect for a morning walk and sweat-including jog. For a person who looks for stress reliever may combine with yoga session before the clean blue water makes you content and relaxed.

Tarimbang is a beautiful horseshoe bay, with imposing cliffs on its flanks and reefs on either side of the bay. It is enringed with superb white sand beaches, backed by forest and the reefs provide right and left-hand breaks for surfers. Tarimbang has good barrels when it is working and the waves are all but deserted, but the surf is freckle. Although this is the primarily surfing destination, the reefs shelter the bay so the water close to shore is good for swimming and there is decent snorkelling on the sheltered side of the reef. You’ll go a long way to find a more beautiful beach, but you’ll also have to go a long way to reach Tarimbang. Tarimbang village has a simple homestay accommodation, please see below. You’ll have to walk to the beach, but the last stretch is through shaded forest. Although surf is the main attraction, you may also visit Tamandino, a small marapu village about 1 km walk from Tarimbang.

Between June and September, its white sandy beach is usually packed with surfers from around the world seeking to ride its towering waves. But the views are quite stunning as you will see vast stretches of rugged limestone mountains, woodlands and savannah. On some occasions, you will also pass through traditional Sumba villages with interesting clusters of thatched-roofed stilt houses and ancient megalithic tombs in front of the houses.

The views that you will immediately see as you emerge from the woods are breathtaking. A vast stretch of pristine white sandy beach unfolds before you. Gray rocky mountains, like giant sentinels, stand guard on either side. The endless expanse of the Indian Ocean kissing the shoreline perfectly mirrors the clear blue skies above.

However, you should be advised that the currents can get quite strong and can be dangerous for young children and inexperienced swimmers. The corals and seashells awash on this beach have unusual colors of pink, blue, emerald and fuchsia. Your kids will definitely love to collect and treasure them.

Getting there

From Denpasar / Bali, there are presently almost daily flights to Waingapu / Sumba. Tarimbang is located in Tabundung subdistrict on the southern edge of East Sumba. It is about 120 kilometers from the town of Waingapu. The five-hour drive to this beach can be quite thrilling as you will pass through steep and narrow jagged rocky paths along mountain ridges, which are flanked by deep ravines on both sides.

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