Toraja Heritage Hotel, Sulawesi

Set against a mountainous backdrop, the Toraja Heritage Hotel offers a simple, but tranquil and comfortable base in Rantepao, ideal for exploring nearby attractions in the Toraja Regency of South Sulawesi.

Toraja Heritage Hotel is located 10 minutes from downtown Rantepao. With lush botanical gardens and plenty onsite, this is a good base from which to explore the region.

Located in the area’s cultural hub of Rantepao, Toraja Heritage is in a mountainous region to the north of South Sulawesi. Comprising 134 rooms and suites, the Toraja Heritage Hotel serves as a great base for solo travellers, couples and families who are keen to explore local UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Rooms are built in traditional Torajan style, some with large roofs shaped like a ship’s row. Most come with balconies that look across the rice fields and the resort has a large swimming pool, children’s pool, and gym facilities. There is the option of suites with four connecting rooms, perfect for families or groups.

True to its name, Toraja Heritage provides accommodation in the traditional architectural style of Torajan clan houses (known as Tongkonans), with each side of the roof impressively shaped like a ship’s prow.

The Toraja Heritage Hotel was the first four-star international hotel in Toraja and still holds sway as one of the better options in the region. The rooms are decorated with authentic handicrafts and have beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The on-site restaurant serves local and international cuisine and often has live music in the evenings. Other facilities at the Toraja Heritage Hotel include an outdoor pool area, Bamboo Bar, a gift shop and a small spa offering massage treatments.

When to go

Due to its size and distinctive shape, Sulawesi experiences different weather patterns from region to region. North Sulawesi endures fairly consistent rainfall, while South Sulawesi, and its central area of Toraja, has two distinct seasons. The dry season here, spanning from April to October, is characterised by hot weather and relatively high humidity. South Sulawesi’s wet season, from November to March, brings downpours that are often followed by sunshine, with precipitation peaking in January and February. The best time to visit Toraja and South Sulawesi is from June to October, with the peak tourist season occurring in July and August.

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