Traditional Food of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Jogjakarta is a small city. To illustrate this, for some Jogjakartans, 2 kilometers is considered very far. In the city, you can give your legs some exercise, ride andong/delman (cart carried by a/two horse/s), use the bus and public transportation, ride a taxi, or, try how it feels like to ride becak/pedicab. If you want to visit interesting sites within the city, it is best to move around on foot. If, however, you want to marvel at the grandiose of Borobudur Temple, for instance, it is best by a car.

Yogyakarta is truly a unique city. Ruled by a king (sultan) whose lineage can be traced to centuries, this city offers plenty cultural and historical heritage. Here you can eat lesehan style without chairs. The rather sweet cuisine of Yogyakarta might surprise you first, but many people have been longing for good Javanese food after trying it once, so you might have the same experience.

This city offers many luscious delicacies. From bakpia cookies, wingko babat, to enting-enting kacang, visitors will be delighted to find there are so many delicious choices here in this town.

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Gudeg, Local Culinary From Jogja

Gudeg known as local food from Jogja, made from young jackfruit cooked with santan and kluwak for 2 hours in a big pot. Santan is water got from extract coconut and kluwak is local flavor. Sometimes the pot made from metal or clay. People say that the gudeg cooked on clay pot gets different taste, more well-done and characteristic on the aroma smells nice. Every gudeg cookers have their secret recipes; have been passed down from generation to generation. In Jogjakarta, there is a famous Kampong Wijilan which gudeg has being made on traditional way by firewood and clay pots. The other gudeg may find in Solo Street, Maliboro, Alun-alun Lor, Kaliurang Street, etc. Almost big streets on Jogjakarta have their own gudeg sellers.

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Pecel – Eating Turi Flower Pecel 

When you visit Kasongan, you don’t need to worry being hungry after a whole day finding pottery, you don’t need to turn out panic because Mbah Warno “ Anderson” will save you by Baywatch pecel (mix of boiled vegetables). Mbah Warno serves main menu which is pecel accompanied by some meals starting from fried ell, bacem tofu, lele and mangut ell (ell with coconut milk and chili) and fried noodles. Yogyes ordered everything to taste all Mbah warno culinaries.

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Mie Djowo
Another traditional dish from Yogyakarta with some basic ingredient was adapted from chinnesse food and the taste very nice.

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Traditional food from yogyakarta, which made from red bean,tofu and beef cut with dice style
Then cooked with traditional recipe the taste was piquant and not to sweet.

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Satay Klatak

Satay klatak known in the area lined Wonokromo Pleret bantul, food is made of lamb meat with a little salt and then burned. Klatak Satay served with rice, chopped onion, cabbage, plus soy sauce with a secret spice in it. Are special and unique from klatak satay is the material used to process food is very natural and simple, but it feels so incredible. apart from that seller in the area lined Wonokromo who peddle satay klatak very much, but everything is sold. The most famous is his pak pong satay stall. but all of the sellers in the region are the tasty and delicious. you deserve to try it.

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Bakpia, Special Cake From Pathuk

Traditional food is a symbol of certain culture. Javanese people have a lot of food came from their ancestor. Mostly, it’s sweet enough because made of sugar. Jogjakarta, a small city in the mid of Java Island becoming very famous as a place where produce bakpia. Bakpia is meal made of green beans and flavors. The color is brown and white. There’s no certain data about how it was came. But, mostly people believe its combination of Chinese and Javanese culture.  

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