Sequoia Luxury Yacht Spring – Summer 2021/ Lesser Sunda

Journey to the less traveled areas of East Indonesia, including Komodo and the Lesser Sunda Islands aboard Sequoia. Available only as a yacht for charter, this 86 ft. modern interpretation of a classic Indonesian yacht, embodies luxury and comfort.

Designed and executed with an emphasis on environmental impact, every detail has been handpicked with sustainability in mind. From the lower emissions ratings, to plastic free amenities and locally sourced ingredients, discovering the all treasures of the Coral Triangle with the peace of mind is achieved with minimal impact and supporting the local communities.

Sequoia accommodates up to 6 guests in three spacious and well-appointed suites. Everyone aboard is treated like family among the 10 crew members, with dedicated cruise manager. Sequoia features an abundance of space and privacy among the yachts three decks. Endless ocean views can be seen from sunrise to sunset up on the sky deck, and the main space for dining and relaxing under the stars. The indoor Great Room provides an added escape in air-conditioned comfort, providing plenty of space to lounge in peace.

Whether it is SCUBA diving, snorkeling, hiking, or immersing in the culture, Sequoia offers intimate experiences and unforgettable adventures, custom tailored for small groups, families, couples, and friends

March to October 2021 

1.Alor Pantar 

There are a cluster of thirteen volcanic islands of Alor Pantar within 652,120 acres of marine protected sea located between Banda Sea and Timor Island. In the west, along the Alor Strait are five table islands. The towering coastal cliffs of the southern islands are surrounded by untouched white sandy beaches all to yourself. The laid-back hamlets where Islanders farm seaweed and forage fish are untouched by time. While in the east, the intricate Pantar Strait flows like a big spring river where the cone-shaped Pura Island is in the middle of the flow.  Alor Pantar Marine Park is accessible by a commercial or private charter flight to Mali Airport (ARD), Alor and then continuing aboard Sequoia. 

2. Komodo

Isolated on the edge of Indian Ocean lies the Komodo Archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are peaks throughout the skyline from Ara, Komodo, and Satalibo on Komodo Island, and Dora Raja and Dora Ora on Rinca Island. The finest peaks can be hiked up at Padar and Lawa Laut. Although Komodo and Rinca are the largest islands here, they are an additional cluster of 26 scenic islands are nestled between the two giants. Isolated by strong tidal, each island is unique with its own endemic wildlife. One of the most fascinating creatures on earth is the Komodo dragon. Komodo National Park is accessible by a commercial or private charter flight to Komodo Airport (LBJ), Flores and then continuing aboard Sequoia.

3. Samota

Up to half million acres of sea of Saleh Bay divides Sumbawa Island into two distinct ecosystems: lowland and highland forests. Moyo Island lays in the mouth of Saleh Bay, while the three big islands of Liang, Ngali, and Rakit are within the bay. Tambora Volcano, is also known as the Pompeii of the East dominates the eastern skyline. During a single eruption in April 1815, Tambora expelled about 100 cubic km/ 24 cubic miles of ash into the atmosphere that blocked the sunlight. The top one third of Tambora was blown off leaving only almost 3 km/ 2 miles high with a 7 km/3.5 miles wide caldera on its peak. Samota Marine Park is accessible by a commercial or private charter flight to Sumbawa Besar (SWQ) Airport, Sumbawa and then continuing aboard Sequoia. 

4. Sape Strait 

Flowing between the two big islands of Lesser Sunda; Sumbawa and Komodo lays the Sape Strait. It was named after the kingdom of Sape who ruled the eastern coast of Sumbawa. A long trade history with the Makassar Kingdom of Celebes helped them advance their skill in navigating the ocean. The cone-shaped Doro Api and Doro Mantoi Volcanoes towering 1,949 meters/ 6,394 feet high dominates the northern skyline of Sang Hyang Api Island, while a submerged volcano on Banta Island within ten thousand acres of marine protection sea bordering Komodo Island await you. As you sail east, there are dramatic rugged hillsides of dry savannah surrounded by the powdery soft shades of pink, gold to volcanic black beaches and clear turquoise waters. Sumbawa Marine Park is accessible by a commercial or private flight to Bima Airport (BMU), Sumbawa and then continuing aboard Sequoia 

5. Solor 

Between Flores and Pantar, you will find up to half million acres of marine protection areas within Solor Archipelago. Before ice age, this archipelago was one with Flores. A cluster of three big islands of Solor, Adonara, and Lembata feature massive volcanoes where cliffs drop into the sea. Ile Ape dominates the northern skyline, Ile Boleng on the west while Ile Labalekang and Ile Werung dominate the southern skyline. While in Komba Island, Batu Tara Stratovolcano rises 3,000 meters/ 10,000 feet from seabed surrounded by cobalt blue Banda Sea.  Solor Marine Park is accessible by a commercial or private charter flight to Lewoleba Airport (LWE), Lembata and then continuing aboard Sequoia.  

Sequoia Yacht has helped transform a once difficult journey in one of the earth’s most remote corners into one of the most exclusive stays in the world. Life on board Sequoia is a life well lived. 

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