West Java Cultural experience in Saung Angklung Udjo, Bandung

Saung Angklung Udjo (SAU) is one–stop cultural workshop, consists of: performance venue, bamboo handicraft centre, and bamboo instrument workshop. Apart from that, SAU has an honorable function as an educational laboratory and training centre to preserve the Sundanese culture – Angklung in particular.

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SAU illustrates nature and culture in harmony, its no wonder SAU becomes a noticeable destination where people could experience Sundanese culture as a part of world heritage. Located in eastern Bandung, SAU is a perfect tranquility for enjoying fresh–breeze–air and beautiful bamboo domination, from the bamboo crafts and interiors to the sound of musical instruments.

Angklung is a Sundanese musical style from West Java. Angklung refers to single-tone bamboo instruments. The instruments are hung along a bar and the musician shakes each angklung separately to make each tone. Therefore, even to play a very simple melody, one either needs an entire orchestra of musicians, ready to play their notes quickly and in time, or some very nimble fingers. It’s like a piano, but with a lot more effort.

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Saung Angklung Udjo (SAU, Udjo’s House of Angklung) was established by Udjo Ngalagena, a prominent figure in the art of angklung, a traditional West Javanese musical instrument made of bamboo, played by shaking it, and must be played in an ensemble since one instrument will only play one note. The SAU features a number of performances daily, including angklung, orchestra of bamboo instruments, traditional dances, and lastly inviting all guests present to learn how to play angklung together in a number of popular songs.

For these past few years, Saung Angklung Udjo is significantly raising in popularity. It’s nice to visit a place where the traditional local culture, especially West Java, is being well preserved and continue being performed. Popular for its outstanding Angklung performance held every day at 3.30 -5.30 PM, local time. It also provides any other traditional arts, games, and crafts.

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Towards the end, all the audience – got a chance to play the angklung and it’s awesome! It’s definitely a must go place when you are in Bandung. The angklung is a musical instrument made of two to four bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. Each angklung is made with one musical tone, and it has to be played by a group of people, each holding one angklung. A visit in Saung Angklung Udjo would be able to bring an Indonesian visitor back to the almost forgotten West Java’s traditional games that we used to be introduced at the early stage of school.

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