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Did you know that there are several vineyards in Bali and that you can go on a vineyard tour? Along the northern coast of Bali, between the towns of Seririt and Pemuteran, is a massive vineyard owned by Hatten Wines. Hatten Wines is one of the largest wine manufacturers on the island. The Hatten Wines’ 35 hectares vineyard is open for a tour and wine tasting. Hatten Wines boasts evergreen vines that ensure year-round production of grapes in Bali.

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Founded in 1994 by Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa, the first and only true Balinese winery, Hatten Wines brings a taste of Bali to hotels and restaurants tables all over Indonesia. Voted in the top 10 for fastest improving producers in Asia, Hatten Wines is committed to international standards of quality and taste.

Hatten Wines uses local grapes to produce its wines, from its own vineyards in North Bali (Buleleng Regency). In its own vineyards, Hatten Wines grows the local black grapes – the Alphonse Lavallée French table grapes and white grape varieties (Belgia and Chasselas Loulou). These varieties are grown in vineyards along the North Coast of Bali, and need no dormant periods as wine vines do, hence the possibility for Hatten Wines to produce wines yearlong. It is at the winery in Sanur, where the knowledge, experience and genius of Australian winemaker Don Buchanan comes into play. These solid teams of the Australian artist winemaker and Balinese owner have now two brands under their watchful eye.

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The exclusive wine tour to visit the winery of Hatten Wines in North Bali starts with a quick walking tour of the vineyard. Your guide will show the various stages of growing the vine. At the winery crush some grapes, visit the facilities, taste the different stages of creation of their Aga White.  You’ll also have the opportunity to visit the vineyard’s souvenir boutique. The farm is open for tours every day from 10am to 4:30pm, except Sundays and Balinese holidays. The tour will include a lesson in wine making, grape picking, and a visit at Hatten Wines’ laboratory. The final stage of the tour is, of course, wine tasting!

Hatten Wines range includes its famous semi-dry Rosé, dry white Aga White, light red Aga Red and the award winning floral Muscat Alexandria. The range also includes a white and rosé sparkling, Tunjung and Jepun named after Bali’s beautiful water lily and frangipani flowers. The Pineau des Charentes method delightfully sweet fortified wines Pino de Bali in red or white, offer a sweet desert wines to Bali’s tables.

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Hatten Wines wine tasting and wine shop, The Cellardoor, is opened 6 days a week at Simpang Siur and in Kemang, Jakarta. Visit to see their growing collection of signature wine accessories.

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